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Violence Begets Violence–Grace Breaks the Chain

Whatever you sow you will reap.  It is a biblical principle—something even non-Christians understand.  Much of the world refers to this principle as karma.  Many Christians believe that karma is a bad thing—evil as it is associated with eastern religion.  On this matter, I think that Bono, lead singer of U2, has best summed it up when he talks about karma, being broken by grace.  It is grace that breaks the chain of karma. 

We are all born in sin.  Our sin is ultimately what we sow and the wages of sin is death.  That is sowing and reaping, that is karma.  The only thing that changes that is grace.  Through grace we find the actions of Jesus that lead to our salvation.  Grace said that even though we deserved death and hell, Jesus would make the ultimate sacrifice and halt the effects of karma.  Thus, grace gives eternal life. 

So, what does this mean as to how we interact with the world?  Simply we have to find a better way to respond to crisis in the world around us.  It is not enough for us to respond to violence with violence.  We cannot respond to judgment with judgment.  We cannot respond to anger with anger.  We, as children of the most high God, have to break the chain of sowing and reaping.  We have to meet violence with nonviolence.  We have to meet judgment with understanding.  We have to meet anger with love.  We have to lead others the way Jesus lead. 

One of the most amazing things about the life of Jesus is how he responded to those around him.  When he met the women caught in adultery he did not condemn her.  He did not tell her she was evil.  He did not judge her sin.  And he did not excuse it. 

Instead, Jesus told her that as no one was there to condemn her neither would he condemn her.  He did not reinforce the nature of her sin.  Instead, he told her to leave and stop sinning.  He made it plain that she needed to live a better life, but he did it with love and support. 

Where are the followers of Jesus who can respond so well?  I want to be one.


Just Because You Are Sober Does Not Mean You Are Not Stupid


            I know better than to look at the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, but I cannot help myself.  I was just in Blockbuster and there it was.  It looked like they were faking an interview with the President—they are probably mad because he does not talk to anyone who is still living on flashbacks from sixties acid trips.


            My frustration levels were already up because I have been forcibly reminded that the Bruce Springsteen, New Jersey’s Official State Idiot, is playing at the Super Bowl.  I remember when Bruce was going to be the next Bob Dylan, but that never really materialized did it. 


            These guys all seem to refuse to grow up.  Of course, why should they, the drugs are still free and the women are still throwing themselves at their feet.  The rock and roll dream lives on.  Listen folks, even Meat Loaf cut his hair and got a real job.


            Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking for everyone to agree with me.  I love U2; that is what caused me to pick up the magazine in the first place.  Even though I love them, I doubt we agree on virtually anything in the political world.  The thing I really like about these guys is that they spend the capital they have gotten from their celebrity to do something positive that transcends politics and is making the world a better place.


            I am tired of musicians trying to relive the days when they were important.  David Crosby actually complained that we did not have a draft when the war in Iraq started.  If only we would reinstitute the draft it would really give some life to the anti-war protest.  Damn, why is it you can’t count on the government to really come through for you and add some life to a movement that was wrong in the Sixties and is wrong today.


            So, here I am, frustrated on a Sunday night.  We are waiting on a new president, who looks a lot like the last guys we had in office, owing a lot to everybody but the people who voted for him—I am not one of them.  At least he is a politician and that should give us something to talk about.  Bill Clinton turned out to have the moral structure of a pimp selling drugs on the side—but he seems like a nice guy.  Maybe a solid, honest Chicago politician who did not seem to lie to us because he never really said anything that made sense to me about what he intended to do will be just what we need.


            After all, Chicago has been known for years for its fine, upstanding honest politicians.  I am sure this one is going to be better, after all he looks almost as pretty as John Kennedy and we all know what a fine moral man he was.


            Should be fun at the very least!

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