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Finally, The Truth About Abortion “Rights”


            We have all known it was true.  Jesse Jackson, no relation to King Michael, even started his political career stating nearly the exact words.  He was specifically concerned that abortion would be legalized genocide for the black community.  He took the opposite position on the promise of having a voice in the Democratic part in the 70s.

             This week abortion “rights” champion and official Supreme Court nap taker, Ruth Bader Ginsburg finally said what we all know.

             Justice Ginsburg reportedly said, “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

             Ah, the voice of reason and love finally goes public.  I thought it was about a woman’s right to choose.  I thought it was about the health of the mother.  Please do not tell me now that it was always about keeping the unwanted people groups in check.

             Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this comment is that it blows out all the theories we have been fed about how compassionate liberals are.  Finally we can see that they are the elitist we suspected they were.  The most amazing thing is that there is no national outrage over the caustic remarks.

             The most horrifying thing about Justice Ginsburg’s statements is the flippant way we now view the murder of fellow human beings.

             At least now we can put to rest the niceties of the politically correct world we live in and get to the heart of the matter.

             Let me make sure you understand the significance of this change in rhetoric.  Abortion is not about women’s rights.  Abortion is not about protecting the health of the mother.  Abortion is about feminism.  Abortion is about controlling the cycles of life.

             Above all, however, abortion, by the admission of one of its legal champions, is about controlling “growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”  Forget the ending of a sentence in a preposition, this is an amazing admission.  The champions of freedom are closet bigots. 

             I would feel redeemed, but there is too much blood on the ground from the millions of murdered babies.  It still cries out for redemption!


And Now The Consequences…


I know, I know, Obama becoming president was an historic moment and one we should all be proud to have lived to see.  That is true; from slavery to the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement to President is a great move forward for the history of race relations.

Having said that we are now going to see why it is that Christians must vote their conscience instead of some enlightened feel good position.  If we are not going to live out our faith in the voting booth, then we should not kid ourselves about the value of our faith.  Faith is the evidence of things not seen.  Evidence is something you can see, feel, and touch.  Evidence is what puts criminals in jail.  Faith that does not influence the voting booth is not faith at all.

Electing extreme left leaning liberals, like Obama, might make you feel like an enlightened white person, or a loyal black person.  Unfortunately, as Christians we are not called to be enlightened in the things of this world.  We are called to be different from the causes of the day when those causes defy the moral code God established from the beginning of the Universe.

I am a one issue voter.  I know there are other issues that matter, but they will take care of themselves eventually.  From the beginning of recorded history God has been firm on one thing—He does not believe in murder, in any form.

Many liberals understand this principle in a limited fashion.  They do not believe in killing the guilty through capital punishment, the death penalty.  They do not believe in cruelty to animals which leads to the killing of animals—it is not murder to kill an animal regardless of how much we love Bugs Bunny.  They believe war is murder and are against that.

It seems liberals have the high road when it comes to believing in the sanctity of life.  If you believe that you are sadly mistaken.

It is on the issue of abortion that their strict moral structure dies. 

 That is how I define a liberal—they believe in murdering the innocent and protecting the guilty.  I am pro-life, I believe in protecting the innocent and the guilty.  No abortion, no death penalty!

In the next few weeks dear Mr. Obama will be appointing a nominee to fill Justice Souter’s seat on the Supreme Court.  Fortunately for you and me Mr. Justice Souter is a “conservative” turned liberal justice and his vote will not be changed by the new nominee.  Unfortunately for you and me the person appointed to his seat will likely be even more liberal and extremely young in Supreme Court Justice Years—they are the opposite of dog years.  Justices live longer than most people and seldom walk away from the job.

Suddenly all of the reasons why Christians vote for abortion are going to matter.  If we truly are a Christian nation then we need to figure out why we are tolerating legalized murder.  Same-sex marriage, sure it matters, but abortion is murder and we have become surprisingly accepting of abortion—even if only through the politicians we support.

I am voting my conscience!  Always have, always will.

Eminent Threat To Our Sovereignty


            I do not want to sound like an alarmist.  I know there are some who will say that the only reason I feel this way is because I am a sore loser.  It is important for us to now draw a distinction between people who are complaining because they see their world slipping away and those who are trying to warn about potential problems based on certain policy positions of politicians like the President of the United States.


            I have come to believe in recent years that the office of President of the United States is the most overrated job in most American’s minds.  Sure there are powers that go with the office: the power to declare war, the power of the bully pulpit, the power to sign executive orders that have the force of law for up to eight years, and the power to pardon anyone for any reason.  The most important power of the President is the power to appoint federal judges and the justices of the Supreme Court of the United States.


            First of all, federal judgeships must be a great job because it seems that everyone who gets appointed serves until they are in their mid to late eighties—we should all be so lucky.  Second, these men and women have the power to define who we are as a culture like never before.  In the past couple of decades federal judges have become drafters of law rather than mere interpreters of law.  This means that their power has expanded beyond anything most of us can imagine.  The Court certainly has power expanded beyond what the founders ever envisioned.


            For most legal issues this distinction does not come into play.  It is really only important in matters of conscience and religion—issues like same-sex marriage and abortion.


            We only have to look to California to see why this is important.  The protest around the country against Proposition 8 in California that acknowledges the traditional definition of marriage as the only legal form of marriage—one man, one woman—shows the new nature of American law.  When the people vote to overturn activist judges the elitist in our culture are not satisfied and immediately turn to the streets to see change.  This is how change often comes to Europe.


            The next step for proponents of same-sex marriage is to go back to the courts and have them declare the will of the people invalid for any of a number of reasons.  The main reason this happens is the courts are willing to write law.  The Supreme Court of California has already begun the process of reviewing Proposition 8 and its constitutionality under California law.


            In 1973 the Supreme Court of the United States decided to add language to the Constitution of the United States.  The issue was abortion and the Court decided that on the edges of the Constitution, not in the actual written language of the document, there was a right to privacy.  This right to privacy included the right for a woman to control her own body without concern for the nature of the baby growing inside her.  And thus we have legalized abortion on a national level.


            Now several state courts have tried to do the same thing with same-sex marriage.  They have looked at their state constitutions and declared that the language of those documents does not limit marriage to heterosexual couples.  This will change six thousand years of tradition.  It will change tradition regardless of the will of the majority of the people of the country or the rule of law that has served us so well for over one hundred years.


            Soon, if the make up of the Supreme Court changes with the appointment of more liberal justices, we will see these same types of decisions from the highest court in the country.  Liberal justices and judges have already turned to European Courts to help shape their decisions when it was necessary to get around American legal precedent.


            This is all because of the judges that serve in our judicial system.


            Here is the president’s greatest real power to bring change.  Here is the place where a president who does not march to the beat of mainstream America can bring lasting change to the country.


            Add to this the fact that Obama and other liberals think that the courts and cultures of Europe are more enlightened and more in step with modern, enlightened man.  They easily turn to the courts of Europe to change American law.


            This is an important point to understand; judges appointed by conservative presidents typically believe that the Constitution is a static document that must be interpreted by what is said in the document.  It does not grow, and therefore it should not be changed with the evolution of the times—particularly on the moral issues of the day, like abortion, same-sex marriage, and religious expression in public places.


            Liberal presidents appoint judges who believe that the Constitution is a living document that must be interpreted according to the mores of the modern culture.  Thus, the Constitution should be changed to match the enlightened views of morals of the day.  Thus, abortion is found in the right to privacy which can be assumed to be in the document even though the right to privacy is never mentioned in the United States Constitution.  Ultimately, marriage can be redefined because that is what enlightened people do.


            The European Courts are ahead of us on these matters.  That is why, just a few years ago, the Supreme Court turned to Europe to help do away with American sodomy laws when the law was clear and the precedent was clearly established under accepted American law and legal precedent.


            The argument goes like this:  Europeans are more advanced or enlightened on these moral issues and liberal judges, interested in writing law rather merely interpreting it, rightly look to European legal precedents in order to move America to a less Christian moral based country. 


            This approach to the law is nothing short of giving up our sovereignty—something we have fought to avoid since our inception.


            This is what we should expect to see under an Obama Presidency.  This is what will be the Obama Doctrine on judges and justices.  It will move us toward courts that write law and move the culture away from traditional Christian values respecting life and marriage and toward more liberal, less Christian based moral views on a variety of key issues.


            Activist courts will do something no one else has been able to do—they will override the expressed will of the people; they will force a new, modern morality on us.  A morality free from the dictates of Christian absolutes.


            The fight is coming; we voted with our pocketbooks, now we will pay with our moral core.

American Jurisprudence Under Obama

The photo above shows you the new seat of power in America, the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.


I do not believe in conspiracies—it takes too much human intelligence to carry them off, especially when moving from one generation to the next.  They make for great novels and great movies, but reality is far from conspiracies.


            Now that the election is over I think the whole country is in for a rude awakening.  Though there is no conspiracy, we are set for liberals in the government to drag us much further to the left than most of us find comfortable.  I believe we are country just to the right of center—not far to the right.


            At the same time, we are country that prides ourselves on our independence.  We are not moved by cries that other countries are not doing things the way we are.  For years now we have lived in a world where we are the lone voice in a variety of matters.  One of the most negative consequences of the Iraq War is not that the rest of the world is not happy with our role in Iraq.  The reality is that the world does not like our power, the Iraq War is just a great way to put a title on the hatred.


            I think the most negative consequence of the Iraq War is that from it we have come to believe that we should learn to live according to the dictates of world opinion.  This past election was partly about getting in step with the world.  How many times did Obama tell us that he would restore our favor around the world?


            “Restore our favor around the world,” that seems a fairly tall order.  How did we loose our favor?  What was our favor before we lost it?  The fact of the matter is that for decades now Europe has been drifting from God at such a rapid pace that it is probably more accurate to say that they are racing from God.  Europeans have looked at the American world as old fashioned and mind-numbingly moral.


            The only way we are going to find Europe aligned with America is for us to move to their view on same-sex marriage, religion, free speech, catering to Islam, and government entitlement programs.  We will only find ourselves the object of European affection if we become part of the European Union, a European State.


            In other words, we will find favor in Europe if we surrender our sovereignty to the European Union.  If we become a nation of no consequence in the world we can be seen favorably by the world.  That is hardly what we are accustomed to as a nation.


            One of the places where this will show up first in an Obama world is in our courts.  One of the purest powers of the presidency is the appointment of judges to serve lifetime appointments in the federal courts.


            In recent years we have Supreme Court Justices who have started turning to our more enlightened brothers in Europe to help them determine the best way to rule in cases of moral consequence like same-sex marriage issues.  They actually ruled against American legal precedence based on the holding of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France.  This is particularly troubling because the American Court acknowledged that they were ruling against our law based on the enlightened view of the older culture of Europe.


            The federal courts, thus, are surrendering our sovereignty to Europe.  We can expect more of that under Obama.  We should not expect it to be a slow turning, but a rapid turning.


            I personally think America being more internationally minded is a good thing.  I do not however, believe that we should surrender our sovereignty to the rest of the world. One of the greatest gifts we offer the world is the gift of freedom; freedom is never found in surrendering your sovereignty.

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