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Whatever Happened To America’s Moral Center?

            I believe we are in the midst of a crisis of conscience in this country.  What was once considered normal is suddenly considered abnormal.  What was once considered abnormal is suddenly considered normal.  It truly is a world turned upside down.  Matters that seemed unthinkable only a decade ago are suddenly becoming the standard by which we are measured in public.

            The biggest change we have experienced is a loss of our moral center.  Our founding fathers understood the moral center that comes from a biblical world view—even the founding fathers who were not Christians understood this value.  Our grandparents and our parents understood the value of the Ten Commandments.

            Benjamin Franklin summed it up when he said, “I believe in one God, creator of the universe; that He governs it by his providence, that He ought to be worshipped,…As to Jesus of Nazareth,…[I] have some doubts regarding Jesus’ divinity.”

            My point is this; Christianity was so prominent in our founding that even those who did not believe felt that there was a great value in the system of Christianity that allowed the governance through democracy in a republic form of government.

            We no longer have that moral center.  Now, we find ourselves in a culture that not only does not believe, but actually mocks belief in one God.  We have gone from the place where it is okay to make fun of belief in God in limited cases, like a Hollywood movie or a book.  At the same time, it was not okay to make fun of the core beliefs that surrounded the belief in God.

            Now we do not have the mockery limited to Hollywood, it is the core of how our average citizen thinks.  We cannot offer any type of spiritual help to struggling youth because we have no place for God in our schools.  We have nothing to base our moral core on because we suddenly do not believe in moral absolutes.

            Then we wonder out loud why it seems that evil is so much more present in our society.  Why is there a problem with drugs?  Why do we have an increase in out of wedlock pregnancy?  Why are we in a seeming downward spiral?

            I believe it is all tied into the fact that we no longer value the things that God values because we no longer really believe in God.  He was good for our ancestors.  He was okay for children, but we are enlightened and have no need for God.

            Where once we started with the understanding that Christian morals were valuable in the here and now because they were principles that permitted us to get along in society, we now believe that no man or deity has the right to set absolute standards that govern this world.

            Without the eternal value of life that Christianity embraces we find ourselves giving our moral core to meaningless things.  We are more concerned with protecting animals than we are with protecting human live.  We give our life to living “green” and ignore the devaluing of human life at every turn.

            What is the solution?  We, those who still believe in the value of God and His system of morals, must take a greater stand for the issues that matter here and now and the matters that are important for eternity. 

            We must be the leaders in cultural change.  We must be the ones who value individual rights.  It is the Christian who must fight for the right of the nonbeliever to not belief.  After all, who are we to condemn a right that God gave to us.  He has chosen to let us decide for ourselves—I will do no less.

            The church has to regain its moral center and return to doing His work, His way.  We have to be the standard bearers.  It is easy to point out sin.  The challenge is to offer real life solutions to the world’s real life problems—that is what we must be doing.

            While doing that I will also demand more of myself and those around me. I will demand more from a moral standpoint and more for the betterment of the world.

            It is a disgrace that those who have no faith offer more to the betterment of this world than those of us who know the key to understanding and living in eternity.


I Agree With Glen Beck, Or Che Sucks

            Che sucks.  There I have said it.  I know there are many who think he looks really cool on a tee-shirt or a poster.  After all, it makes you look like you are open to cool new ideas.  Before I wrote this I watched the two part movie on Che.  He certainly looked like a really nice guy in that one.  He just wanted to educate everyone and help everyone get medicine.  Though the movie did show Che with a gun, I do not remember him killing anyone.  Clearly he was all about nonviolent overthrow of government.

            No, wait, he was all for killing to achieve your ends and evidently, like that bastion of freedom Fidel Castro, he believed in killing to keep your power once you had achieved your ends.  And look what they did—together they built that island paradise, Cuba.  Wait, no, since the fall of the Soviets there is no one rushing to Cuba to enjoy the freedom of the new world.

            It is time we demanded results before we give our worship.  Look at the life of these petty dictators and let them speak for themselves.  And remember the words of our first black Secretary of State, Colin Powell—America fought in World War II and all the land we ask for was enough to bury our dead.  That is the testimony of freedom that our founding fathers envisioned when they risked everything to give us the great American experiment.

            Back to Che, like Fidel he was a murderous man consumed with himself.  Of course, in this time when America is stepping back in time to pre-revolutionary times, like before we fought to avoid answering to a king, Che looks like a hero to many.  Why is it that only rich Hollywood types want us to copy dictators in the running of the country?

            Have we elected a king instead of a President?  School children are compelled to sing songs praising the president—I do not remember that being a part of the America I grew up in, of course that was a long time ago, maybe I am just old and outdated.  We are a long way from the reign of the last golden boy of the left who was at least decent enough to tell us to ask not what our country could do for us, but to ask what we could do for our country.  Now, we just need to figure out how to serve the king—long live the king!  It just rings from the lips of every American, doesn’t it.

            Let us remember, many have given everything that we should be free.  Shouldn’t we at least give a little to remain free—rather than rolling over without a fight.  Long live freedom, the king has three more years and then he can travel the world acting like a rock star.

Why You Should Care About Home Schooling

The short answer is that at its core, the right of parents to educate their children is a religious freedom issue.

Most people get lost in their personal feelings about home school when we discuss the issue of home schooling in Germany.  It is easy to do. It is likely that we all know a home school family and we either think they are doing a good job or that they are not doing what they should for their families.

It is important, however, that we find a way to put aside our personal feelings about home schooling when we look at the international movement.  I believe that one of the most important requirements of a Christian is to raise their children in the fear of the Lord.  We have a great moral responsibility with our children.  If they are lost there is little hope for the coming generations.

Many school systems in America and abroad are becoming more secular and more hostile to the Christian faith.  This hostility is played out in a number of ways.  It might be a resistance to any type of Christian faith being shared amongst students.  It might also be a curriculum based not just on a lack of faith, but on a hostility to faith.

Modern man is turning further and further from God.  The public education system is beholden to the government.  Governments around the world are moving further and further away from any foundation of Christian faith.  This means that their school systems will, by design and involuntarily, move further from any foundation of Christian faith.

We first saw this in America with the debate over the teaching of evolution in the public schools.  The original request by the evolutionists was to grant them equal access to the students on their theories.  They turned equal access into access only for evolution.  The system that now exists is one that denies any belief in God.

The fight that is accruing in courtrooms around the country is a battle to keep out the simple belief that maybe, just maybe, there is a creator of some type who moved the process of evolution along.  Even this is unacceptable to evolutionists.

Many schools are also teaching sex education from a purely secular point of view.  This means that any teaching regarding abstinence is not allowed, as this is considered an antiquated religious view of sexual education.

Then there is a lot of new age religious teaching.  It might be a teaching regarding spiritual matters without a Christian base—something as simple as controlling the environment in a room by the proper placement of the furniture.  Now, I believe the furniture should be arranged properly, but that does not add a spiritual power to the room.  It could be teaching regarding other occultist beliefs that might seem harmless to some.

In America we have the ability to opt our children out of these questionable teaching sessions.  In Europe most schools do not allow the parents to opt out their children from questionable teaching that contradicts the core beliefs of the family.  There is a belief that the children belong to the State when they come onto school property and the parents do not have any right to question the educational choices of the State.

There is something going on here that is much deeper than merely home schooling.  Most of the home school families I know in Europe and in America are home schooling because of a sincerely-held religious belief.  They believe God has ordained for them to teach their own children.

As to that end, the German Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights both give parents the right to control the education of their children.

So you see, the education of children is a parental right that is often guaranteed by governments.  This battle is not merely about home schooling, it goes much deeper than that.  The battle is over whether the State or the family has the right to determine what the children will be taught.  At its core the question is are children wards of the state, or wards of their parents.

It is a much deeper right than merely the right to educate. 

It is a right that goes to the very right of parents to train their children in the ways they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it.

How To Expand The Evangelical Presence In Europe

There are three simultaneous events that will expand the evangelical presence in Europe.  These are not mysterious events.  They are not secret; in fact, many people and organizations do these things in a variety of countries.  There are a number of reasons why it is important for us to expand evangelical presence in Europe that are not relevant here.  They will appear in other articles more targeted to that question.

Also, by evangelical presence I am not talking about conservative republican political evangelical presence.  I am talking about pure New Testament based evangelical churches whose presence reaches into the community through a variety of outreaches and influences.

There is currently a small presence that needs to be encouraged and strengthened where it is.  The expansion of the presence must be from within.  We do not need to export American evangelical Christianity with its political overtones to Europe.  We need to support the European Church.  That is one of the amazing things about God.  He creates a church within a location that is relevant to that location. 

We have to learn to empower others and trust them to do what is right.  This is what real parenting is all about.  It is about training a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.  It is not about control and manipulation.  True freedom involves trust and confidence.

The first event is to begin coming alongside the evangelicals, both churches and individuals, who are already working in Europe.  This means we should financially support them, pray for them, and work alongside them physically. These actions increase the strength of the presence that already exists in Europe. 

In order to do this we will need to leave behind some of our own theories of what a real church looks like.  This does not mean we must compromise the core tenants of our faith.  These core tenants are not culturally transformative; they are eternal and transcend culture.

At the same time, there are a variety of doctrines we think are eternal and they are not.  Things we grew up with that do not matter.  We have to evaluate these cross-cultural movements by sticking to the eternal questions, questions about salvation and the transformation of man rather than how our parents or grandparents did church.

The second event is to begin planting evangelical churches in Europe.  Like coming alongside local European evangelical churches, we have to be careful about how we plant churches.  We do not need to create a further outreach of American denominations in Europe.

We must create a European evangelical church that answers the moral questions of the day with answers from the true church that properly reflects the Gospel through the eyes of Europeans.  It must be a culturally relevant, doctrinally true church.

These must be churches that reach out into their communities and minister to the poor, the drug addicts, the alcoholics, and homeless, and any other outcasts within this culture.  They must be prepared to minister the Gospel to the growing Muslim community as well.  Many in this community are sensitive to spiritual matters and therefore open to the truth of the Christian message.

The best way to do this is to work with teams of church planters whose goal is to plant a first church that will inevitably be American at its core.  This church should then seek to plant a second church using leaders from the country where the church is being planted.  Thus, the support for the church might well be American, but the core of the leadership and the membership of the church is European.

The evangelical imprint remains on the church.  At the same time, the church is European and thus relevant to the local community without the ties back to the negative impressions many Europeans have regarding American Christianity.

The third event is to come alongside these evangelical outposts and protect their religious freedom.  This is where the International Human Rights Group comes into play.  This is what we do.

This means that we must fight to protect the right to share the Gospel message in public places throughout Europe.  We must fight to protect the right of parents to control the education of their children, either through a true voice in the public schools or through home schooling.  We must fight for the right of churches to exist, even in a system that requires a discriminatory registration process like most of the former Soviet Block countries.

Whatever the religious freedom cause, we have to be there support our brothers and sisters.  We must encourage them.  We must embolden them.  Trusting them to remain true to the core of the Gospel and transform their own countries.

Together these three events will see a transformation and expansion of the European evangelical presence.

Where Is Reality When You Need It?

I know, it is more fun to live in the dream world most of us create around ourselves.  It is easier than looking at the cold hard facts surrounding our lives.  The economy is struggling; the only real argument is over how bad the struggle is.  We are living in the world, the reason we have so much trouble as Christians is we have forgotten the command to live in the world, while not being of the world.


            We should not be feeling the gloom of those around us.  We should, however, be a solid place for people to land.  The solidity of our position should not be that we are as rich as the world around us.  The solidity of our position should be that we are not measuring our lives on what we own or how our investments are doing.  The standard by which we measure our lives has to be the commitment to the eternal principles of the Gospel message—you remember those:  love your neighbor has yourself, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


            The church is losing its influence in America for one reason—it is not behaving as the church.  Any organism that does not follow the laws that define its existence will not survive long.  We are still debating the depths of our opposition to abortion, we have accepted divorce as an alternative to unhappy marriages, we are wavering on homosexuality, we have accepted gluttony as if it were a normal state of being…I could go on, but you get the point.


            We do not need a new wave of seeker friendly ideas.  We do not need a new fad religion.  Fads are good for diets and fashion, but fad is not legitimate for religion.


            I am not talking about returning to a fundamentalism that demands we read only one version of the Bible.  I am not talking about the fundamentalism that suppresses women and African-Americans.  I am talking about the real fundamentals of our faith—again, a return to the teachings of Jesus that revolutionized the world in the first century AD. 


            This was not a weak faith.  It was a faith that was able to challenge one of the greatest military regimes in the history of the world.  And this faith won.  It was ultimately consumed by its own prosperity, but it won the initial battle.


            We need to see the return of that faith—not more prosperity and God wants us to be millionaires.  God does not care about our money—He cares about our living the life He called us to live.


            That is a reality we can live with, everyday!

2008, A Quick Look Back

This has been a very busy year for me.  I have managed to work on a variety of cases, with very little expenses. 


Your prayers and your support made this possible.  So, let me begin by saying thank you!  Your partnership has made all the difference in the lives of a number of people in America and Europe.


That’s right!  We have worked on a variety of cases in America.  At the same time, we have done what no one else has been doing in Europe; we stood up for religious freedom across the Continent!


It is important to give praise for the success we have had.  That is part of how we prepare for moving forward.  2009 looks to be every bit as busy as 2008.  We will look to 2009 soon, for now I want to take a few minutes and review our work this year.


One easy, cost free way you can also help us is by using GoodSearch for your Internet searches. Go to and enter International Human Rights Group as your charity to begin supporting the ministry through GoodSearch.


Battles won in America


In the States we worked on a number of different cases and issues.  I want to talk about a couple of them that you probably heard nothing about because we handled them quietly to protect the reputation of our clients.


In Atlanta we worked for over two years to resolve free speech issues in the areas surrounding the Georgia Dome, Centennial Park, and the Philips Arena.  There are a number of groups that provide security and they played off of each other to hinder free speech on public sidewalks.


Earlier this year I met with attorneys for one of those groups and finalized the negotiations whereby everyone has now agreed that evangelists have the right to share their faith on the sidewalks surrounding all of these public arenas.


It was a hard fought victory and required a lot of time and energy, but we persevered and won the rights that are guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States.


Thank you for standing with these evangelists through the IHRG!



The Gentleman Evangelist, Bill Adams, sharing his faith at an Atlanta Falcons football game!


We also worked with a large church in a southern city.  For the sake of the church and the community I am not at liberty to share the name of the church or the city and state.  This church has an outreach that is changing the way Christians look at the arts.


The church was looking to erect a large cross on property they own in a rural area.  The property is used for sports outreach and special church programs.  County officials refused the church the building permit required to erect the cross because they said it violated their local sign ordinances.


I was invited down to meet with county officials.  We spent over an hour discussing the fact that the Constitution and other laws protect the right of the church to erect religious worship symbols on their property for the purpose of religious expression.


Then, our local attorney took the county attorney by the property and let him see for himself the rural nature of the property.


After several weeks, the county relented and the cross has been erected.


Our International Work


I made six trips to Europe this year working on cases involving religious freedom.  While this may sound like nothing but fun it means that I was away from my family for over 70 days this year.  It means that I missed some of those moments that make up our private lives. 


Don’t get me wrong, this is what I am called to do and I do it gladly.  It does not, however, come without costs.


First case of 2008 filed in Strasbourg, France


My first trip to Europe in 2008 found me filing a case before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France.  This court is the equivalent of the Supreme Court of the United States for issues involving human rights and religious freedom.


This case involves Petar Keseljevic who is an evangelist from Oslo, Norway who was arrested for sharing his faith on public sidewalks in Oslo.  You might remember that in August of last year we were in Oslo at Petar’s trail.


In near record time, Petar’s case went through the entire system in Norway.  A ruling from the ECHR will set a precedent for the entirety of Europe.  Please pray that the court will accept this case and give us a chance to present Petar’s case for freedom of expression.


From Strasbourg, we traveled to a meeting with the Robinson family in Nürnberg, Germany where Clint Robinson is the English language pastor of a Baptist Church.  We spent a considerable amount of time last year working on the Robinson family’s case.  We were able to resolve their case so they remained in Germany ministering through the end of 2008.  Now, the Robinson family is back in the States on furlough preparing to return to Europe and plant a new church.


Your prayers and partnership helped in both of these cases.  Please continue to pray for Petar and the Robinson family.  Pray that they will be able to continue their ministries in Norway and Germany/Austria.


We also met with Mosaic and Samhol ministries in Iceland.  We have partnered with these ministries to support their outreach in Iceland.  These two dynamic ministries are making a huge difference in Reykjavik.  Mosaic is a local evangelical church that began this Easter.  Already they have one hundred members, many of them street people who have come to the Lord through the ministry of the church and Samhol.


One hundred members doesn’t sound like a big church by American standards.  You have to realize that the largest evangelical, non-state church in Iceland has only four hundred members to see what a huge start this is.  This country is like the rest of Europe, hardened to the Gospel in many ways.  Yet, in Reykjavik Christian men have dedicated their lives and ministries to seeing revival in the Icelandic people.


Samhol is a ministry to the street people and addicts of Iceland.  They work to not only bring these hurting souls to the Christian faith; they are also working at the street level to free them from the chains of addiction.  Their program is simple.  They help them physically defeat the addiction and then they counsel them through the emotion and mental difficulties of returning to normal, productive lives.


Mosaic and Samhol are changing Iceland, one soul at a time.  We are proud to be partnered with such dynamic ministries.



An inside look at the work of Samhol in Iceland


Please continue to pray for these two dynamic ministries to have greater influence in Iceland and beyond!


This is a different fight for the IHRG.  Religious freedom is currently strong in Iceland.  Here we will support the local work of these two ministries and others.  We will support their leadership with legal counsel as they grow and have a greater reach into the cities and villages of Iceland. 


Second and Third Case of 2008 Filed Before ECHR in Strasbourg


We filed our second and third applications of 2008 before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France on behalf of the Plett and the Pauls families.  (To understand why I consider religious freedom in Europe so important please see a recent article of mine that was published in The Voice Magazine.  You can see the article by clicking here.


The Plett and the Pauls familes are home schooling their children for religious reasons.  Their right to control the education of their children is protected by the German Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights.  Unfortunately, the German school authorities have refused to grant these rights to the parents and have persecuted the parents for home schooling their children.  And the German courts agreed with the school officials.


This persecution included removing the custody of the children on questions of where the children live from the parents and giving it to the Youth Welfare Office.  They levied fines against the parents of thousands of Euros, they showed up at the family home unannounced to take the children from the parents. 


One family eventually fled to Canada to try and stay together while they continue home schooling.  The other family fled in part to Austria to continue home schooling.  The European Court of Human Rights is these families’ last hope for justice and we are there to help fight for justice.


Please pray for these families and their cases!  Pray that the court will grant justice in instances where they have refused to enforce the law on behalf of parents and their children who are seeking to raise their children according to the dictates of their faith.


Criminal Trial in Oslo, Norway



Norwegian attorney, Joel, and Petar Keseljevic after criminal trial in Oslo in July


In July I was in Oslo, Norway.  For the second time in a year police officers in Oslo arrested an evangelist for sharing his Christian faith in public.  This time, Petar Keseljevic was joined by Larry Keffer, an American evangelist.  These two men were in public areas of Oslo on May 17, 2008 sharing their faith when they were arrested.  The criminal hearing was in July and I was there representing Larry Keffer.


I read Larry’s fact statement into the record.  Then I cross examined a police officer.  Then I presented a closing argument based on the international law that protected the rights of Petar and Larry.


The prosecuting attorney told me after the trial that she believed this was the first time in Norway’s history that an American had participated in a criminal trial.  That seems a bit much to me, however, it was certainly an honor to be able to represent such an important case before the court in Oslo.


Both Petar and Larry were found guilty.  We appealed Larry’s case to the Norwegian Court of Appeals.  They denied the appeal and Larry’s appeal is currently pending before the Norwegian Supreme Court.


Please continue to pray for Larry.  We are prepared to file the final appeal in Strasbourg, if the Norwegian Supreme Court does not rule in Larry’s favor.  This is a critical case on free speech issues that could affect all of Europe and ultimately America.


We were also able to work with German lawyers to protect the rights of parents to choose the education of their children.  We spent time in the Czech Republic where we made key contacts that will be very important in the coming year.


There is more we have done, but time and space concerns need to keep this shorter. 


Please continue to pray for our work!  Please continue to pray for those we represent and their families!  They are the true heroes of our faith!


Thanks for standing with us!

Eminent Threat To Our Sovereignty


            I do not want to sound like an alarmist.  I know there are some who will say that the only reason I feel this way is because I am a sore loser.  It is important for us to now draw a distinction between people who are complaining because they see their world slipping away and those who are trying to warn about potential problems based on certain policy positions of politicians like the President of the United States.


            I have come to believe in recent years that the office of President of the United States is the most overrated job in most American’s minds.  Sure there are powers that go with the office: the power to declare war, the power of the bully pulpit, the power to sign executive orders that have the force of law for up to eight years, and the power to pardon anyone for any reason.  The most important power of the President is the power to appoint federal judges and the justices of the Supreme Court of the United States.


            First of all, federal judgeships must be a great job because it seems that everyone who gets appointed serves until they are in their mid to late eighties—we should all be so lucky.  Second, these men and women have the power to define who we are as a culture like never before.  In the past couple of decades federal judges have become drafters of law rather than mere interpreters of law.  This means that their power has expanded beyond anything most of us can imagine.  The Court certainly has power expanded beyond what the founders ever envisioned.


            For most legal issues this distinction does not come into play.  It is really only important in matters of conscience and religion—issues like same-sex marriage and abortion.


            We only have to look to California to see why this is important.  The protest around the country against Proposition 8 in California that acknowledges the traditional definition of marriage as the only legal form of marriage—one man, one woman—shows the new nature of American law.  When the people vote to overturn activist judges the elitist in our culture are not satisfied and immediately turn to the streets to see change.  This is how change often comes to Europe.


            The next step for proponents of same-sex marriage is to go back to the courts and have them declare the will of the people invalid for any of a number of reasons.  The main reason this happens is the courts are willing to write law.  The Supreme Court of California has already begun the process of reviewing Proposition 8 and its constitutionality under California law.


            In 1973 the Supreme Court of the United States decided to add language to the Constitution of the United States.  The issue was abortion and the Court decided that on the edges of the Constitution, not in the actual written language of the document, there was a right to privacy.  This right to privacy included the right for a woman to control her own body without concern for the nature of the baby growing inside her.  And thus we have legalized abortion on a national level.


            Now several state courts have tried to do the same thing with same-sex marriage.  They have looked at their state constitutions and declared that the language of those documents does not limit marriage to heterosexual couples.  This will change six thousand years of tradition.  It will change tradition regardless of the will of the majority of the people of the country or the rule of law that has served us so well for over one hundred years.


            Soon, if the make up of the Supreme Court changes with the appointment of more liberal justices, we will see these same types of decisions from the highest court in the country.  Liberal justices and judges have already turned to European Courts to help shape their decisions when it was necessary to get around American legal precedent.


            This is all because of the judges that serve in our judicial system.


            Here is the president’s greatest real power to bring change.  Here is the place where a president who does not march to the beat of mainstream America can bring lasting change to the country.


            Add to this the fact that Obama and other liberals think that the courts and cultures of Europe are more enlightened and more in step with modern, enlightened man.  They easily turn to the courts of Europe to change American law.


            This is an important point to understand; judges appointed by conservative presidents typically believe that the Constitution is a static document that must be interpreted by what is said in the document.  It does not grow, and therefore it should not be changed with the evolution of the times—particularly on the moral issues of the day, like abortion, same-sex marriage, and religious expression in public places.


            Liberal presidents appoint judges who believe that the Constitution is a living document that must be interpreted according to the mores of the modern culture.  Thus, the Constitution should be changed to match the enlightened views of morals of the day.  Thus, abortion is found in the right to privacy which can be assumed to be in the document even though the right to privacy is never mentioned in the United States Constitution.  Ultimately, marriage can be redefined because that is what enlightened people do.


            The European Courts are ahead of us on these matters.  That is why, just a few years ago, the Supreme Court turned to Europe to help do away with American sodomy laws when the law was clear and the precedent was clearly established under accepted American law and legal precedent.


            The argument goes like this:  Europeans are more advanced or enlightened on these moral issues and liberal judges, interested in writing law rather merely interpreting it, rightly look to European legal precedents in order to move America to a less Christian moral based country. 


            This approach to the law is nothing short of giving up our sovereignty—something we have fought to avoid since our inception.


            This is what we should expect to see under an Obama Presidency.  This is what will be the Obama Doctrine on judges and justices.  It will move us toward courts that write law and move the culture away from traditional Christian values respecting life and marriage and toward more liberal, less Christian based moral views on a variety of key issues.


            Activist courts will do something no one else has been able to do—they will override the expressed will of the people; they will force a new, modern morality on us.  A morality free from the dictates of Christian absolutes.


            The fight is coming; we voted with our pocketbooks, now we will pay with our moral core.

Books Worth Reading

C.S. LEWIS--Mere Christianity; CLAIRE BERLINSKI--Menace in Europe: Why the Continent's Crisis is America's Crisis, Too; BRUCE BAWER--While Europe Slept: How Radical islam is Destroying the West from Within; DAVID LEVERING LEWIS--God's Crucible: Islam and the Making of Europe, 570-1215; THOMAS SCHIRRMACHER--The Persecution of Christians Concerns Us All; PHILIP JENKINS--God's Continent: Christianity, Islam, and Europe's Religious Crisis

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