Strasbourg Cathedral

Strasbourg, France is the home of the European Court of Human Rights.  This court has authority over the forty-seven countries who are members of the Council of Europe.  Tens of thousands of cases are brought before this court every year seeking to protect rights that are guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights.  The European Convention on Human Rights is a document created to protect human rights.  Included within these rights is the freedom of expression and the freedom of religion.

I believe that Europe is the most important location for human rights in the world right now.  Europeans have a strong understanding of human rights.  Unfortunately, Europeans are currently very secular in their worldview.  We need to continue protecting human rights and religious liberties in Europe.  This will help keep the door open for the benefits of religion in any society.  Religious freedom is a bell weather right in any culture.  When it is respected there is a respect for individual freedoms.  When it is not respected there is little respect for individual freedoms–people become mere wards of the State.

Furthermore, we need to intentionally reach into Europe planting churches.  We need more churches that help people keep in touch with the spiritual side of life.  Contrary to what Lenin believed, religion is not an “opium for the people…. a sort of spiritual booze.”  Religion, properly a part of someone’s life, should cause them to awaken and analyze life and their surroundings more appropriately.  Religion should give us a greater appreciation for life.  It should heighten the everyday experience of life and interacting with the world around us.

It is my intention to continue fighting to protect human rights and religious liberties in Europe.  At the same time, I intend to work together with others to plant strong, community-based churches that will keep the spiritual heritage of Europe alive and thriving.


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