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I Agree With Glen Beck, Or Che Sucks

            Che sucks.  There I have said it.  I know there are many who think he looks really cool on a tee-shirt or a poster.  After all, it makes you look like you are open to cool new ideas.  Before I wrote this I watched the two part movie on Che.  He certainly looked like a really nice guy in that one.  He just wanted to educate everyone and help everyone get medicine.  Though the movie did show Che with a gun, I do not remember him killing anyone.  Clearly he was all about nonviolent overthrow of government.

            No, wait, he was all for killing to achieve your ends and evidently, like that bastion of freedom Fidel Castro, he believed in killing to keep your power once you had achieved your ends.  And look what they did—together they built that island paradise, Cuba.  Wait, no, since the fall of the Soviets there is no one rushing to Cuba to enjoy the freedom of the new world.

            It is time we demanded results before we give our worship.  Look at the life of these petty dictators and let them speak for themselves.  And remember the words of our first black Secretary of State, Colin Powell—America fought in World War II and all the land we ask for was enough to bury our dead.  That is the testimony of freedom that our founding fathers envisioned when they risked everything to give us the great American experiment.

            Back to Che, like Fidel he was a murderous man consumed with himself.  Of course, in this time when America is stepping back in time to pre-revolutionary times, like before we fought to avoid answering to a king, Che looks like a hero to many.  Why is it that only rich Hollywood types want us to copy dictators in the running of the country?

            Have we elected a king instead of a President?  School children are compelled to sing songs praising the president—I do not remember that being a part of the America I grew up in, of course that was a long time ago, maybe I am just old and outdated.  We are a long way from the reign of the last golden boy of the left who was at least decent enough to tell us to ask not what our country could do for us, but to ask what we could do for our country.  Now, we just need to figure out how to serve the king—long live the king!  It just rings from the lips of every American, doesn’t it.

            Let us remember, many have given everything that we should be free.  Shouldn’t we at least give a little to remain free—rather than rolling over without a fight.  Long live freedom, the king has three more years and then he can travel the world acting like a rock star.


Suddenly, I Don’t Feel So Hot!

            Is anyone besides me glad to finally be getting some manner of the truth from the Global Warming Nuts?  It has been colder at my house.  Maybe we need to drive our cars more to heat up the climate so that we don’t have to wear our coats everywhere.

            I have to admit, it is tough giving up the dream of having my Georgia home become beach front property.  I guess we will still have to drive to Hilton Head, South Carolina for our traditional summer beach fun.  Now I have to live with my property values not getting spike.  Of course, this also means that I do not have to worry about hurricanes hitting the house some four hundred miles inland—so I guess it is a fair trade off.

            The trouble with the revelations of this week is that we are learning that the new religion, science is not as trustworthy as we have been lead to believe.  Remember when we were told that these folks did not have an agenda, except to find the truth and make life better for us all.

            In light of this past week’s revelations we have to ask ourselves what else we should not believe.  Maybe we should question the theory of evolution—like global warming, evolution has long been shut off from scientific debate.

            The most important thing we should to learn from this is that no one can separate their own beliefs from their science.  Also, we have learned that you can prove anything if you are willing to ignore critical facts and twist the data to your own ends.

            So, Al Gore, we apologize for judging your lifestyle in light of your ridiculous predictions for the future of our planet.  It turns out you knew more than we did and therefore there was no need to change you energy gorging lifestyle to match the one you demanded of us—the lesser folks.

            Here it is, on the Internet you invented:  Sorry Al, we will no longer judge your lifestyle—we now know that you were nuts all along and my mother always taught me to be nice to handicapped people.

Religious Tolerance Begins At Home


Religious tolerance is a good idea, but religious freedom requires participation from two groups.  Furthermore, I am all for showing respect to moderate Muslims and as soon as I find one I will show respect!  I just read Obama’s speech in Cairo, Egypt.  I have to confess that I cannot listen to him speak because his cadence is too contrived for me—even more than Bill Clinton’s. 

 The difference between Clinton and Obama is I was never convinced that Clinton believed what he was saying—I think Obama really believes what he is saying.  Of course, with Obama it is usually what he is not saying that is more important than what he is saying.  It is easy for him to believe what he says, because in spite of all the words there is seldom anything of substance in his statements. 

 This is not a consequence of his race, or even of his political beliefs—I believe it is what is at the core of the man—nothing that is not for Obama.  This is a man who has finally kept a campaign promise—he took his wife to New York for a date because he promised her when all this was over he would do it.  I, for one, am left to wonder why he did not do this in between the time he won the election and the time he took office.  That way it would not have cost us at least $24,000 dollars.

 I would like to take my wife on a date night like that—maybe I can be king next!  If not, then I have a piece of advice for the current ruler—park the damn plane.  It is to be used for company business.  Date nights are on your own!

 Continuing on his roll, Obama kept another campaign promise this week—as to negotiations with Iran he has announced that “we are willing to move forward without preconditions on the basis of mutual respect.”  Remember in the campaign when Obama promised to meet with all the world’s tin pan dictators without preconditions.  Oh, but then there was the debate when he said that was not what he said.  Well, at least now that he has anointed himself king we can know what he really meant.

 What he really meant was WITHOUT PRECONDITION.  After all, why should we squander all the “mutual respect” Americans have for Iran and the crazies at the helm.

 While in Cairo, our leader decided to promote the Islamic faith that has made America so great.  After all, Thomas Jefferson owned a copy of the Koran.  Muslims built our tallest building, long before they brought them to the ground violently.

 I was happy to learn from Cairo that Islam is responsible for the Enlightenment and the Renaissance.  They probably started that when they were trying to overthrow the Christian Europe of the Middle Ages and establish more enlightened Muslim reigns like the one in Modern Saudi Arabia.

 This regime is so progressive and religiously tolerant that they will not allow churches to be built in their country.  They will not allow Bibles to be brought into their country.  They will not allow women of western culture to express their culture of not covering up their faces in submission to the man’s world.

 Before we begin to blames anyone let’s remember, it is the “colonial” aspirations of some nations that is the real root of the problem.  America, after all, is known for its taking over of other lands.  I am reminded of the words of an Obama advisor who told the Europeans at the UN in the build up to the Iraq war that America is not a colonial power.  The only land we have ever asked for is enough land to bury the dead who have fought for freedom in foreign lands.

 Of course, that type of colonialism is probably offensive to everybody.

 I have a message for Mr. Obama—it is not religious freedom when only one side grants it.  Western countries are not allowing their courts to sentence people to death and carry out the sentence merely because those people have a contrary religious belief.  That is only happening in Muslim countries, under Muslim law.

 It is nice to declare, in your meaningless dribble, that “throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.”

 I am sorry, “Say what?”  Religious tolerance and racial equality?  Wake up, oh dear king!  There is no religious tolerance to be found in Islam.  There is no racial, or sexual, equality.  There is oppression and intolerance.

It is not enough that we say they are tolerant, they have to be tolerant.  They have to quit beheading Christians for being Christians.  They have to speak out against such injustice.  They have to quit killing their daughters for sexual impurity while rewarding their sons for the sexual abuse.

Until then there is no religious freedom—not because the west will not grant it.  We continue to grant it to our own harm.

No, there is not religious freedom because Islam cannot grant it.  It seems that it might be against their theories of ruling the world with one religion and one religion only.

And I do not even have to get to their treatment of the Jews to verify the truth of my statements.  It is not enough to say something; history alone shows us what the truth is.  One man, with an unknown agenda, does not write history.  He might play a role, but so far the role is not in keeping with truth or reality.

Respect The Wind, PETOW


            Remember the time when American’s did not bow to foreign Muslim kings?  That was before we had a president whose father was a Muslim.  This is not an article about spineless “patriots.”  I have stronger vanes to follow.


Wind has rights!  That is right, we have to show some respect for the wind.


I have tried to be quiet, but I can no longer stand by and let the world show such disrespect for the wind.  I know we have issues with the carbon created by fossil fuels.  That is, however, no excuse to enslave the wind for the evil purposes of mankind.


If memory serves me well we fought a war nearly two centuries ago to end slavery.  Why are we now bringing it back?


Wind deserves the right to flow free without being inhibited by huge metals machines designed to slow its passage and force it to go where it does not want to go.  It does not make enslavement easier because we are claiming that the enslavement will serve the greater good.  This is the same argument made in favor of the death penalty.


I know there are those who will say that this is a small price to pay to stop “global warming,” I am sorry; I mean “global climate change.”  I cannot keep up with the terms we are creating to make the loss of freedom feel better. Phrases like “stimulus package.” 


Is it a stimulus package if nothing is stimulated, other than the tax and spend folks?


While it might feel good for a moment to enslave the wind, we have to continue to believe in and fight for freedom.  Those huge windmills are worse than unspayed dogs and fur coats.


Without any consideration toward what we are doing to the freedom of wind, we rape and destroy all that is holy for the wind.   What if wind is the force that is the greatest force of righteousness in the universe?  After all, Jesus mentioned the wind by name.  The Holy Spirit is referred to as wind.  Maybe the wind is what is holy.  He never mentioned homosexuality, but he did talk about the wind.


Can we therefore take the chance to destroy it for our own selfish gain?


I say not!


We have to move now to stop the exploitation of nature for the sake of lowly human beings.  Darwin was wrong.  We have to protect the weak.


Join me at People for the ethical treatment of the wind (“PETOW”) as we commit to moving slowly enough to knot cause the wind to bend to our will.  We will not fly on airplanes because they manipulate wind without considering the harm to the wind.


I think this may be the reason for the hurricanes and tornados that are running rampant.   We must stop before the wind destroys us. 


R-E-S-P-E-C-T the PETOW way.

Great News, The War On Terror Is Officially Over!


How’s this for more change we can believe in?  I mean, yes we can.  I mean, America is the greatest country on earth, join me in changing it.  Oh, never mind, my bumper sticker politics are just that—bumper stickers.


Then there is the latest revelation from Washington, D.C.  The king and queen have gone to England and left us children here without supervision.  I know we do not have any supervision because they took over 500 people with them for the tour of Europe.  Of course, the tour of Europe will be great because we were promised that we have a better relationship with the Europeans.


So, now we have to ignore the racial statements being made about our fearless leader—the new CEO of GM.  I thought the government was supposed to stay out of business.  I guess that was before the CEO of the country became the CEO of GM.  This might just be fun.


Now we are hearing that we have dropped that useless Bush rhetoric “war on terror.”  Thank God, the war on terror is officially over.  I just hope someone remembered to tell the terrorists.  If they did not get the message we might just be in for more trouble.


What will we do when the next attack happens?  Maybe our fearless leader will declare them unable to manage themselves and become their CEO.  Surely, I did not say that out loud.

Finally, An Ex-President Who Can Keep Silent!


            There is something to be said about maintaining a certain dignity for the office of the President of the United States.  After all, this is the people’s office and we need men who have respect for the tradition that comes with attaining the trust of the largest number of people.


            It has been a while since we have had an Ex-President who did not feel it was his job to offer his opinion on the holder of the office.  Bill Clinton, a man without a mission, could not keep quiet about the man before him or the man after him.  How sad to be at the highest office in the land and still be so small that you cannot show dignity.


            Jimmy Carter, without argument the worst President we have ever had, could not help but offer his advice for the occupants of the office.  Perhaps we should learn from the peanut farmer turned nuclear scientist that once you have so miserably failed at a task you should not think your opinions matters.


            Now, George W. Bush has taken a pass at the chance to speak about the situation Obama finds himself in.  In fact, Bush’s words were, “he deserves my silence.”  Jimmy and Bill could learn from this.  When you did nothing to deal with Iran, Jimmy, and you proved yourself incapable of dealing with terrorists, Bill, you really would serve yourself and your country well to practice the art of silence.


            George W. Bush kept us safe for seven years.  You might consider him a terrible President, I do not, but he did keep us safe. 


            And now, instead of blasting those after him he is taking the decent man’s route and refusing to talk publicly about what a terrible job the current occupant is doing.


            Oh, and for my friends out there who do not think we should criticize, please consider this my call for you to pray for the current occupant of the Oval Office, the Lord knows we need God to intervene and protect him and help him to act in our best interests which seem to be against his normal positions.  This will in turn will protect us.

And Now We Turn Our Attention To Country Music


            I confess, I listen to country music.  I don’t understand the rap or hip-hop.  I do understand that it helps if you are a narcissist before you begin singing.  I don’t like the alternative and the new rock does not make sense to me.  So here I am a country music fan.


            There is a new song out there about chicken fry.  I think that might be the title, but I don’t even know who sings it.


            The sad thing about this song is the final verse.  Like great country songs, “Chicken Fry” wants to get in some thank yous to the soldiers who are fighting and dying for our freedoms.  I believe I am as thankful as the next guy, in fact, these days I am more thankful than the next guy.


            My fear is that this song speaks to what we have become as a nation.  We are no longer a nation of higher ideals; instead, we have become a nation of whiners and thrill seekers.


After thanking the soldiers for their sacrifice, the singer recounts what they have died to give us.  Here is the chorus, as best as I can remember it:  “The things we love, like a chicken fry, warm beer on a Friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right and the radio on.”


            Now there is a little more than this, but if we are thankful for soldiers dying so that we can enjoy another beer filled weekend, the radio, and blue jeans, then we are the most pitiful people in the history of the world.


            I would hope that our soldiers are dying for a little more than these things.


            And by the way, I thought we were no longer allowed to eat fried chicken.

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