Joel in Germany      Joel Thornton is the President and General Counsel for the International Human Rights Group.  The International Human Rights Group protects religious liberties around the world concentrating on Europe.  They also provide legal protection for major sporting events outreach around the world.  For more information on the International Human Rights Group visit their web site at  Joel is also a published author, look for his newest book

Southern Justice in bookstores soon.  You can order the book going to:

Joel’s newest book

Joel’s next book, People Who Are Making A Difference, Volume One, is in production right now.  This is a look at some of the cases of the International Human Rights Group and some of the people who work to make the IHRG successful.  We will have more information on how you can get this book available in the next few weeks.


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  1. 1 Stephen 12 January 2008 at 6:49 pm

    Looks good, bro. Nice job.

  2. 2 TRUMON PADGETT 31 January 2008 at 4:39 pm


  3. 3 sullinsfamily 3 April 2008 at 3:42 pm

    WOW! Look at that! Daddy told me you wrote a book. We will need to get a copy. Hope you are doing well and taking care of my sweet Daddy! Look forward to seeing you again soon!

  4. 4 Brighton Buberwa 20 June 2008 at 8:30 am

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  5. 5 Keith R Fowler 16 July 2008 at 5:28 am

    Hello Cousin Joe !! Hope that you are doing well. We are. I am Having a hard time sleeping tonight. Just A quick note to say “Hi”!So here it is, Hi!! Call me, for as you see, I had much rather talk with you than write to you. Have a great day, and God Bless You and your family KEITH R

  6. 6 KrisBelucci 2 June 2009 at 7:18 am

    Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.

  7. 7 Kelly Brown 13 June 2009 at 1:31 am

    I really like your post. Does it copyright protected?

  8. 10 Don Hank 7 September 2009 at 12:37 am

    Hello Joel,
    I forgot to mention, the English version is at the bottom of the article I linked to above.

  9. 11 Pastor Timothy W. Philemon 18 September 2009 at 12:52 pm

    Dear Brother in Christ, Sir /Madam

    Warm Christian Greetings from Zanzibar Island.

    I trust that all of you are doing well in Jesus Christ;

    We would like to share some information of our Church and organization ,Mission as your prayer items, which we are conducting here in Him. We are working now especially among the different tribes of Zanzibar with different Dialogues in different places and districts such as Mombasa-Zanzibar, and other different tribe who uneducated, poor, necked and least developed people. As serving the Lord we found a lack of resources to run smoothly our Church. So, we would like to request all of you to pray for us here in Zanzibar and mission needs.

    Therefore, as Christian we were called to build a spiritual stronghold to rescue the precious Souls through the said organization and prepare them under the church for the second coming of Jesus Christ. The burden we do have for souls will let us say that, we need to realize through this great Christian initiatives vision to penetrate this area where Muslims are leading a greater number than Christians and the estimation is like 95% are Muslims and Christians are just 5%.
    The Muslims family are sending their kids to Madarrasa (the Islamic school of Koran) this also is a big challenge we have in Zanzibar make sure the organization is already working on this issue having more than 66 Muslims children counsel them to rest in their mind, Body and Soul gain a hopeful daily life until being prevented from unhuman action like Al-Quaïda … then directed them to church where they found through God’s Inspired word from the Holy Bible, prayer, and spiritual framing
    This information is please to request you as the Body of Christ for the suffering we are in today, by asking your help with a church project on recently from your office.
    We are in a thorny problem of church services building, Pastor House, Church office, Conference hall, church equipments and transportation for long of time now, because where we are staying and as church services we are used to. The bad thing is a house belongs to a Moslem. Now we are given deadline notice of one month from the owner of the house to move and stop our church services and leave the end of 15 September 2009.

    The situation in general is not much good because of financial situation which we are still facing the price of things in doubled! Even if is so still we never give up to continue with task, and thanking God, because He is the answer and a part of house hold apparatus. Also the way to make our Church and mission to stand properly in these Island of Zanzibar.

    Arab states have founded Islamic schools Mosques and literature and sadly taken advent of poverty of much of population to pressure tradition Christians to covert to Islam’s.

    Zanzibar is part of the United Republic of Tanzania and comprises two mail islands of Unguja( also called Zanzibar) and Pemba as\well as about fifty smaller islets. The land area of the two habitable Islands is approximately 2,332 square kilometers of which Unguja is 1,464 square kilometers.
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    Although Zanzibar is part of the Union Government of Tanzania, it has its own autonomous Government complete with President, the Cabinet and the Parliament.
    Zanzibar is one of the poorest Island in the world, Christians who believe need much of help, like training them Vocational skill of their choice search a carpentry, metalwork, tailoring,. A loan the some they are afraid to believe because they can be displaced from heir family and work places. So we are asking your Organization to help us here, so that we can solve the problems of church members and new believe.

    Childcare program, Non-Formal Education, Income Generating Program (in small Scale). And also we are praying for Gods leading for our future plans to start a Centre of trainings, share program in small scale to help helpless
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    The church believes that we should minister to people holistically.

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  10. 12 Pastor Timothy W. Philemon 18 September 2009 at 12:53 pm

    Dear Brother in Christ, friend, organization,

    Greetings to you from New Covenant Church with the crying time of help in Island of Zanzibar- Tanzania.
    We are in a thorny problem of church services building for long of time now; because where we are serving our church services we are stopped. The bad thing the hall was belongs to a Moslem. Now we are moving and stop our church services. So, we are kindly asking your urgent support to solve the situation that we are facing. And if you know some Christians friend, organization, company, churches there that are in good position to help us a church construction, please help us do fundraising, so that we can solve this matter.
    According to situation that we are facing we kindly feel your urgent support of fund to assist building of 30,000,000 Tanzania Shillings that is $22,556.390 USD. So believe this can help us to buy a peace of land and make church construction in side. Now we get some Christian friend who is selling us a peace of land for 6,000,000 TZS Million. But we didn’t have money at the moment to buy that place.
    By this we hope to make an emergency church construction and get a peace of land, because we cannot afford the cost to the financial position we are facing in our church. In ending I’d like to beg you again to help in three ways, please pray this projects can be done to receive what we need allowing the church services to continue and we get the place to stay.
    Secondly pass on the enclosed letter about church building to other sponsors to some one who feels to help in your fellowship. Lastly it gives all who have heart to sponsor church work in Islamic area of Zanzibar. It’s a great way Christian friends, organization from around the world to put their prayers for the suffering church into practice –and know we can make a real difference to a seemingly hope less situation.
    Finally, please consider what you can give to build the building for Christians, these Christian are God’s the future Zanzibar Church.
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    Pastor Timothy W. Philemon
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    NB: Share this matter to other people there.

  11. 13 Betty Zane Moris 2 November 2009 at 4:36 am

    Hi Joel,

    Did you attend Shorter College in Rome, GA? And were you in a Readers Theatre production of Job?

    If so, I’d love to hear from you!

    Betty Zane Morris

    • 14 joelthornton 2 November 2009 at 4:41 am

      Betty Zane,

      Let there be light! And there was light in the Shorter Chapel–what a great time that was. It is great to find you here in cyberland. I am living back in Rome after some time in Atlanta, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Strasbourg, France. We should catch up when you have time. I married Angelle Jacobs, her family owns the Partridge and we can always meet there.


  12. 15 Rebecca (Williams) Stevens 7 July 2010 at 8:33 pm

    SO GLAD to find you and to know that 20 years later, you and your amazing passion and wit are still being used by God to rock the worlds, both Christian and not!!! I just read your blog on abortion and Ginsburg, and can only say AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!! You give words to my deepest reason for my voting choice. Funny, Obama used the ignorant vote of the carnal Christian black Americans to climb the presidential ladder. And just because Obama’s skin LOOKS black (he, like Israel Houghton, is actually “halfrican American’- half black!), they all voted him in!

    I hope you remember me from our musical days at FOZ; I do not know if the church is still in existence. I still hold you and Angelle in fond remembrance; you were both so instrumental in that time of my life. I have recently married (2003) a man as passionate in his life and love for God as I, and we live in Ponte Vedra, Florida, attending Christ the Redeemer Church. I have taught (various years, 1992 – 2009) music, band, piano, and chorus in the public schools here after completing my graduate degree in music education. As our senior pastor, Daniel Williams, has international evangelism (Calvary International) and youth evangelism (Aquire the Fire) as passions, I wondered if your paths have ever crossed.

    I am actually contacting you for professional advice, and would appreciate a private email response (address above) if you have the time.
    Love to you both,


    POLAND 1989 – 2010 of hell on earth
    POLAND 1989 – 2010 for offenders ASYLUM

    Man fights for child
    > 2006-12-18, last modified 2006-12-18 22:00 <
    Danzig won before the Court of Human Rights, the process of the Polish Republic. Demonstrated that it has been violated his right to respect for family life.
    Rozanski Stanislaw believes that he is the father of 14-year-old boy. Do not live together, so Rozanski since the mid-90s suing for the award of custody. For his efforts to be effective, must obtain confirmation that a biological father. Polish law until 2003 did not give the possibility that such a test conducted at the request of his father.

    – The sentence final of the Strasbourg Court confirms that my client was discriminated against by Polish law – says Mr Przemyslaw Rybinsk. – You have to pay 8 thousand. Euro redress.

    The problem is that even before the change of the method of determining paternity, the partner of the boy's mother held her own child. Rozanski must now be claimed before a court annulment of that discretion. Waiting for him next year processes.

    Added (a): Eve Bielecka
    Added: 2006-12-19 9:09:21The petition for deprivation of immunity of judges and prosecutors
    and corporate privileges.,r:5,s:0

    SOS !!!






    COM. 608 746 680


    The Court in Strasbourg – mute appeal – censorship of the media.

    Recently received from a reader of Human Rights Judgement in his case. Judgement took place May 15, 2006. Poland has been condemned for preventing the confirmation of parental rights to his father. However, national media przemilczały this fact. This confirms what has long had been expected. Censorship exists, there are still taboo subjects, and this is an agreement over political divisions. Abide by the media with his right, left and center, while creating the appearance of independence and objectivity.

    Below is a translation of the summary ruling of the Court. Full sentence in English can be found on the website of the Court.
    Below is a translation of the summary ruling of the Court. Full sentence in English can be found on the website of the Court.
    Press release is available in English.

    It is worth noting that despite the ruling of the Court, Stanislaw Rozanski still can not confirm the parental rights of the child, although it says it is his biological father and showed his respect. According to his lawyer was waiting for him a few years processes.

    A seemingly simple. Just a molecular genetic test standard available today. That would be too easy for the leeches in togas. Before you reach anything in the Polish court, must be destroyed.

    Another interesting point is that two judges of a different sentence, one is a Polish judge Lech Garlicki. This confirms our view that loyalty Polish judges in relation to the repressive state and not to citizens.

    The European Court of Human Rights

    287 15 May 2006.

    Press release of the tribunal,

    The Court's judgments concerning Greece and Polish.

    The European Court of Human Rights has today handed down two judgments, none of which is prawomocny1

    Case excessive length of proceedings, indicating the main appeal court, is available at the end of the press release

    Rozanski v. Poland (application no. 55339/00), violation of Article 8

    The applicant Rozanski Stanislaw, a Polish citizen, born in 1960 and lives in Gdańsk.

    The complainant lived with his partner in 1990 and in August 1992 a boy was born to them. As the name of the boy's father was given a fictitious name – John F, consisting of the applicant's name and the names of the mother.

    In April 1994 the applicant's partner moved out of the house and left his son with the complainant. Shortly after the child fell ill and went to the hospital. The boy's mother after she took her son from the hospital and hid him for several months. The complainant had no more contact with the child.

    In view of the situation, the applicant has taken efforts to give legal recognition to be the biological father, for whom the thought. He asked the District Court in Gdansk in order to appoint a representative for the child's paternity trial. Also asked the prosecution to submit on behalf of the application to establish paternity. In replying to date 5 July 1995 refused the prosecutor's office, noting that the applicant asked the court to appoint a representative for the child, in order to initiate the process to establish paternity. They believed it would not be justified taking into account applicant's request, which if successful, could lead to two parallel processes at the same time, both the applicant's paternity. The final applicant withdrew the request in November 1995.

    Later, in June 1996, a new partner JM mother found the child and paternity has been confirmed as the legal father of the child.

    Therefore, the complainant again asked the District Court to appoint a representative to begin a process to establish paternity. He met with denial, which the court justified the fact that the complainant had no right of action in this area, where, following the statement made legal father was JM Subsequent applications were rejected without the applicant's consideration, on the same basis.

    The applicant, which is considered as the biological father of the boy, complains that prevented him officially recognize his son. Rely here on Article 8 (right to respect for private and family life).

    In the opinion of the European Court of Human Rights, the applicant's relationship with the child had a sufficient factual basis to include it within the scope of family life under Article 8 § 1 Court has repeatedly held that where a family relationship was established with the child, the state should act in a manner calculated to make this relationship grow and create legal safeguards for the birth, the integration of the child in the family of the father or mother.

    The Court held that a key aspect of the case was the lack of any direct procedure, whereby the applicant could legally confirm his claim to paternity. Initiation to completely depend on arbitrary decisions of the authority. Second, the Court noted that there is in the Polish law of any indication of how these arbitrary powers given to authorities in the legal challenge stanu paternity obtained by the declaration made by another man, can be realized. Thirdly, the Court considered the perfunctory way in which authorities exercise their powers, in considering the applicant's proposals undermine the word paternity. There have been no steps taken to establish the actual situation of the child, the mother and the complainant. With the complainant the authorities never carry out discussions in order to identify and assess his ability to care. Moreover, in general is not checked whether the existing circumstances, to verify the applicant's paternity would harm the interests of the child or not.

    The authorities simply confirmed in their decisions that the mere fact that a child has been legally recognized by another man, was sufficient to reject the applicant's request for recognition of his biological paternity. In light of these circumstances, the Court concluded that the State has not complied with the obligation to respect the applicant's family life, to which he was entitled under the Convention.

    The Court held five votes to two, that on this has been a breach of Article 8 and granted him eight thousand. satisfy the euro, as the deal for them financial harm. (Case is available in English only)

    ————————————————– ————————————————– –

    The issue of excessively long proceedings relate to a case-Roboti Arvanitaki and Others v. Greece (No. 27278/03) complained of a violation of Article 6 § 1 of the Convention.

    Bogdan Goczyński

    Link to similar cases.
    Case W.Z. – Filing a complaint to the Court in Strasbourg – enforcement of judgments governing contacts with the child

    I recommend the matter dealt with in section:
    COURTS Bars Prosecution

    Topics in the section for the best:
    ARTICLES – themes for reflection on the series: Politics – MONEY – POWER
    "Affair RIGHTS '- Independent Online Magazine
    Association for Civil Rights Protection
    Editorial: Zdzislaw Raczkowski, Witold Ligezowski, Margaret Madziar, Krzysztof Maciąg, Siegfried Wolf, Bogdan Goczyński, Jan Zygmunt Prusiński and many sympathizers SOPO

    comments and requests please send to:
    Thank you for your feedback sent the texts and information.

    ALL Indicates that freedom of expression_ and freedom of expression_ IS GUARANTEED AND ARTICLE 54 OF THE REPUBLIC OF POLISH CONSTITUTION.



    Bronislaw Komorowski
    st. Rural 4/6/8
    00-902 WARSAW
    Letter to the Speaker
    My dear Marshal

    Under Article 1 of the Polish Constitution, which informs us, the people that – the Republic of Poland is a common good of all citizens
    and ensuring Art 32.1. – All are equal before the law
    – It turns out that we have in our Constitution vested compromising Poland
    Article 178 1st The judges in the exercise of their office shall be independent and subject only to the Constitution and statutes
    Article 179 Judges are appointed by the President of the Republic, at the request of the National Council of the Judiciary for an indefinite period?
    Article 180 1st Judges are removable?

    Constitution also tells us:
    Rule 4.1. Supreme power in the Polish Republic is one of the nation.
    Rule 4.2. The people shall exercise power through their representatives or directly.

    We ask:
    How is it possible that the representatives of the nation – Members – have much less power than judges?
    This follows from the fact that even kadencyjności (4 years) the exercise of their functions, and yet one of the walls of the building of the Supreme Court stated: "Memo plus iuris ad alium potest quam ipse transferre haberet" – that is: Can not move to another more rights than it is to yourself "…

    Therefore, we request the establishment of a special Sejm Commission to determine changes in these compromising Poland articles in the Constitution, ie

    1 / deprivation of immunity of judges and prosecutors, the model of democratic countries like the United States, England, Australia, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Ireland and many others;

    2 / The findings kadencyjności and verification work of government officials;

    3 / The model of democratic countries to introduce a jury system in the judiciary for control and evaluation of cases of particularly unethical public officials and citizens, in order to eliminate inter-enterprise systems.

    Our action aims to increase the rank and dignity of the legal profession.

    Protection of the National Movement for Civil Rights and the Fight against Corruption.
    Editor magazine scandal RIGHTS

    For information
    President Lech Kaczynski

    The biggest enemy is the privilege RIGHTS
    Charles de Gaulle

    (Note: you must verify the signature on the receipt of mail at

    You are injured by government officials?
    You want to be treated seriously by them?
    Report to us their willingness to collect signatures for a petition in the courts, prosecution offices and offices throughout the country and get us to model documents and advertising materials.

    '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
    The purpose of the petition is to inform and sound legal contradictions existing in the Constitution and the gathering of people and develop technical solutions to bring order to the parliament. Therefore, it is advisable to engage competent people to this initiative for the creation of a Committee of the Legislative Initiative.
    We know that the Members are not worth counting.
    We realize that with the current government and political systems do not get the vote in the Sejm itself change the Constitution to achieve a common goal.
    However, assuming that the next elections will be next year, as soon as possible and should begin work on the project changes and repairs Constitution – which was written not only legislative but also errors of grammar and stylistic – somehow not quite in Polish and clearly not for Poles …
    Therefore, under the auspices of the Law Afer the journal you'll want to invoke:
    1st The formal association,
    2nd Council operational
    3rd Council Strategic – organization.

    These authorities will deal with the Government, will be able to effectively address the implementation of the ideas contained in the petition, and interference in many other cases in this field as well as the evolution of law in Poland.

    '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

    WHY SHOULD official does not hide behind immunity

    The immunity of judges in criminal cases is an institution typical pseudo former-communist countries of Eastern Europe. On the civilized West, the judge responsible for the crimes on the same footing as the rest of the citizens, and even more sharply, because there he is an authority.
    In Poland, to conduct criminal proceedings against the judge, his consent is necessary corporate colleagues on the waiver of immunity.
    However, the procedure for waiver of immunity must be played a long time, sometimes years, because apparently need to carefully examine all the evidence. Logical reasoning, such disciplinary action should be linked with the process and issuing a criminal appeal, and not just any agreement on the waiver of immunity. Is meaningless duplication of activities in the next identical process.

    The current system leads to the fact that the judge or prosecutor detained must be released, because you can not ask the court in the constitutional time of arrest, because he has immunity. An extreme example was the casus Attorney W. Christopher, who was arrested for accepting bribes, and then had to be released, since appealed against the decision waiving his immunity. During your stay in the wild and tried to bribe the judges of disciplinary action, so that left him immunity.

    Well, contrary to what they preach Judge Teresa Romer, and former President of the Constitutional Court Mark Morocco, and ciechanowsko – rydzewsko – Sieniawski so. personalities and other Lublin – Torun pillars of law, judicial immunity is not strictly necessary and the condition necessary to perform an honest and honorable freely accepted their responsibilities a judge, in the words of Rota judicial oath. On the contrary, it is very serious obstacle. Any honest man, no immunity is not needed. And here it's about flawless. Meanwhile, evidence of crime with dignity nielicujących judge is not only terribly much in the AP. Immunity can not be used to provide impunity to the different types dressed in togas.

    Data from the National Judicial Council that in the years 2001 to 2007 brought only 88 cases in which it sought to lift the immunity of a judge. As a result pociągnięto liable only 43 people – while four more cases of unethical conduct of officials is documented annually on the sides of the magazine Afer Law.
    In 21 cases, the application related to criminal offenses punishable by imprisonment for a maximum of at least eight years. It was such o: venality (10 cases), fraud (2), traffic accidents with serious consequences (8), offenses against decency (1).
    Despite the obvious evidence, and so in 27 cases refused to waive the immunity – which confirms the operation of mutual friendly relationship korupcyjno – corporate systems. We see now clearly that the disciplinary courts do not work. Therefore, to deal precisely with such cases should be made independent of the social system of corporate law jury.
    Moreover, in accordance with the Constitution of the nation should be the highest authority – that is, including just to judge the judges. If the judge exhibited bias will be selected at random sentences that bench should be just the highest appeals body for the citizens.

    If judges and prosecutors will begin to model other officials personally liable for mistakes and errors committed in the art, it is certainly in the courts and prosecutor no longer die each year hundreds of volumes of records and evidence that prevent the sentencing of criminals. From this reason, there is no such opportunities to detect the perpetrators of the murder of Alice and Peter Jaroszewiczów or explain the circumstances of suicide Sekuły Irenaeus and hundreds of other cases.
    At the same time, they begin to prepare to deal with substantive matters assigned to them and not to seek additional revenue and chałturzyć in places other than the court, while seeking greater compensation for the simulated work at home and for overtime.

    It should be noted that only unreasonable for further extension of the temporary detention until the courts w2007 received 634 applications for compensation for wrongful conviction, the provisional arrest or detention (for 2006 applications was 577). In 324 cases ordered to pay damages to the amount of 5.6 million zł – behind the errors of judges paid people.
    And yet the vast majority of cases of compensation claims has not been granted or substantially minimized by using low legal awareness of society.
    A shocking situation is that bad working (and often to the detriment of society) the judge, the award goes to high-paid retirement.

    Therefore, we believe that judges and prosecutors in relation to other government officials as well paid and enjoy so many undeserved advantages that a further decision which is the Sovereign Nation, they should be deprived of the privilege which is the industry immunity – a privilege, as evidenced by the practice – to protect their from liability.
    Included in a so-called. "Flagrante delicto" – in particular, they should be threatened by a higher sentence than the average citizen. For example, an Australian judge penalized for exceeding the speed using the speed camera, which was supposed to pay $ 70 (but lied stating that his friend ran) – has been sentenced to several years in prison. A judge there is an authority, and therefore caught in a lie is much sharper than those considered "normal" citizen.


    """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" """"""""""""""""""'
    Selected articles archived on similar subjects:

    AMENDMENTS TO Immunity – WHY SHOULD NOT JUDGE hide behind immunity cz.1

    Discussion on Immunity – Is sitwa itself dispenses with the trough and nahajki?

    What's the privilege of immunity?

    Prof. Lech Gardocki bajeruje

    CURRENT blunders – scams in the courts in Gdansk

    scandals and blunders of prosecutors and judges,

    I recommend the matter dealt with in section:
    COURTS Bars Prosecution

    A section for the best:
    ARTICLES – themes for reflection on the series: Politics – MONEY – POWER
    "Affair RIGHTS"
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    comments and requests please send to: – Poland
    Thank you for your feedback sent the texts and information.

    ALL Indicates that freedom of expression__ and freedom of expression__ IS GUARANTEED AND ARTICLE 54 OF THE REPUBLIC OF POLISH CONSTITUTION.

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Books Worth Reading

C.S. LEWIS--Mere Christianity; CLAIRE BERLINSKI--Menace in Europe: Why the Continent's Crisis is America's Crisis, Too; BRUCE BAWER--While Europe Slept: How Radical islam is Destroying the West from Within; DAVID LEVERING LEWIS--God's Crucible: Islam and the Making of Europe, 570-1215; THOMAS SCHIRRMACHER--The Persecution of Christians Concerns Us All; PHILIP JENKINS--God's Continent: Christianity, Islam, and Europe's Religious Crisis

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