Pray for the missionaries headed to the World Cup

            We are two weeks from the start of the most watched sporting event in the world.  In addition to being the most watched sporting event there is a huge mission movement that shows up at these major sporting events to share the Gospel on the streets.

            The International Human Rights Group works with these missionaries to make sure their legal rights are protected and they are able to participate in the outreach without threat of arrest.  I have done my work, there is a possibility that I will return to South Africa during the World Cup to monitor the outreach, but most likely, from here on out I will watch from home like you.

            I have met with the Ultimate Goal Committee.  I have answered their questions, helped them with legal documents, and provided whatever legal help I could.  Now, we must pray.  Pray that God will give wisdom to the missionaries who will be using the World Cup to create a divine moment for a lot of people.

            The World Cup starts on 11 June and continues until 11 July.  It will be help in ten cities.  So, now, let’s get down to the business of praying for protection and success.


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