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International Human Rights Group’s Tribute To The Life Of Chris Klicka

            Long before I met Chris I knew who he was.  Chris has always been a legend in home school circles.  People speak of him with a reverence I have seen given to few people in ministry—other than those who run large ministries with large followings.  Chris lived with a passion.  He had a passion for ministry that is seldom matched.  He worked with home school families because he believed in the human rights issues underlying the idea of a parent teaching their children.  Unlike many in our modern world, Chris practiced what he preached—just as tirelessly as he preached, he practiced.  There was no conflict in Chris.

             I first really spent time with Chris around 2000 in the ACLJ’s offices at Regent University.  Chris was there for the national convention, and he was there to see what could be done to help the home school families of Germany.  At the time those home school families were going from the touch of discrimination to the grip of persecution.  Chris was one of those people who saw the problem long before everyone else did.  He was not one to take a problem sitting down; he was passionately looking for a fight.

             Even then Chris was reluctantly using a wheel chair in the large lobby of the Founders’ Inn.  He insisted on walking to the podium to share his expertise.  He insisted on standing as long as he could.  That was the fight Chris brought to life; that was the fight Chris brought to the home school movement.

             Families in Germany are still home schooling because of the work of Chris.  We miss him, but the ultimate victory there—like the victory in America—will stand as a tribute to the life and work of Chris Klicka.

             We need more leaders like Chris; selfless, pushing beyond human limits, concerned only that they do everything in their power to help the helpless find justice.  That is the testimony of Chris’ life.  It is a testimony that will inspire home school families and those of us working to protect them for generations to come

             Chris’ passion for life will always be there as an inspiration for the IHRG.  We will continue to build on ministry on the same passion—driven by the memory of Chris.  I am better for having known Chris.  The IHRG is stronger because of Chris.  That is part of eternal life; beginning in the present.

             God speed brother, we will do our best to honor your life and your memory.


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