Great News, The War On Terror Is Officially Over!


How’s this for more change we can believe in?  I mean, yes we can.  I mean, America is the greatest country on earth, join me in changing it.  Oh, never mind, my bumper sticker politics are just that—bumper stickers.


Then there is the latest revelation from Washington, D.C.  The king and queen have gone to England and left us children here without supervision.  I know we do not have any supervision because they took over 500 people with them for the tour of Europe.  Of course, the tour of Europe will be great because we were promised that we have a better relationship with the Europeans.


So, now we have to ignore the racial statements being made about our fearless leader—the new CEO of GM.  I thought the government was supposed to stay out of business.  I guess that was before the CEO of the country became the CEO of GM.  This might just be fun.


Now we are hearing that we have dropped that useless Bush rhetoric “war on terror.”  Thank God, the war on terror is officially over.  I just hope someone remembered to tell the terrorists.  If they did not get the message we might just be in for more trouble.


What will we do when the next attack happens?  Maybe our fearless leader will declare them unable to manage themselves and become their CEO.  Surely, I did not say that out loud.


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