Faith and Karma


            Do not write me off because I am using the word karma.  I know that we often think of karma as some eastern religion concept.  The truth of the matter is that we live in a world filled with karma.  Karma is that what you sow you reap.  Karma is that what you give away you get back.  Karma is a world where you do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Karma is like begets like. 


            What all this means is that we cannot escape the rule of karma, except through faith in Jesus.  We live in a world where karma is the rule, yet our Christian faith breaks the back of karma in the instant where we become Christians.  It is the one moment in history where karma is not the rule of the day.


            Faith halts karma.  A moment of faith happens and breaks the cycle of karma.  Instead of getting what we deserve, instead of sowing what we reap, God reaches out and gives us what he has planned for us rather than what karma demands for us.


            Faithful moments break the rule of karma.  Jesus, during his worldly ministry, reached out and broke the chains of karma on the blind, the lame, and the lost.  He reached out and broke the karma that was destroying prostitutes.


            I think it is time the church got back in the business of breaking karma.  Instead of rebuking the idea, we have to embrace the idea that karma is the rule of this world and only the eternal kingdom can break the power of karma.


            Let’s vow to use the power that has been given us to do more than merely maintain the status quo.  Let’s vow to do more than build our kingdom.  Let’s vow to really build his kingdom, that way, no matter what comes we are ready because everything about our lives is dedicated to the concept that there is a God who reaches through karma and brings deliverance.


            He changes karma, not for fun, but for real.


            Let’s vow to be karma breakers in the lives of those around us—everyday.


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