Sean Penn, Are You Out There? Are You Done Milking The Public?

            I am not sure why it has become the new intelligentsia cause to free the homosexual community of this curse that says they are not normal until they marry.  And we are all bigots if we do not agree with them and change 10,000 years of culture without a debate.


            On a number of occasions citizens of various states have voted on the question of whether to allow homosexuals to get married.  Every time so far the public has said no.  That includes Hawaii and California, two of the most liberal states in the Country. 


            The self-proclaimed leaders of this new movement, intellectual giants like Sean Penn and Brad Pitt, keep insisting that we are all bad if we do not believe like they do.  Brad Pitt aside, I am giving him a pass because Angelina and Jennifer seem to be getting ready for a good old fashioned paparazzi fueled feud, which by the way, I am looking forward to—even though Sean keeps telling me, at the press conference that seem to follow him around, that the paparazzi are bad.


            The good news is that last night Sean’s declaration did not come from Iran or Venezuela, rather it came from a country a little closer to home.  The free state of Hollywood.  You know, it is that place where reality is suspended.  People who can imitate other people can even come to believe that they are as smart as those they imitate.


            Of course, this rule does not apply to Ronald Reagan, because he did not toe their party line, and yes, I am using the term party in the same way McCarthy used it so well so long ago.


            If they love these foreign dictators so much, why don’t they go there and demand equal rights for the homosexuals?  Maybe the reason they are demanding it here is because they hate this country and know that such a radical move could destroy much of what we believe in.


            Of course, they have to speak well of Iran and Venezuela when they are there because if they say anything negative in those countries they could be killed for their seemingly intelligent statements.


            I did not watch the Oscars.  As my wife says, I did not see any of the movies that were nominated. 


            Remember when we went to the movies to be entertained and not preached to?  That was back when we went to church to be preached to and not entertained.  Maybe we have gotten everything mixed up and therein lay our problem.


            Next week I am calling all my friends together, it won’t be a large gathering, and they are going to give me an award.  I will buy a trophy to make it real.  We will roll out some red carpet and…oh, you get the picture.


            Oh, well, Sean, enjoy the trophy.


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