His Holiness, The Pope, Meets Her Stupidness, Nancy Pelosi


            I know, I know, half of you are mad that I would show such honor to a Catholic, especially the Pope, while the rest of you are angry that I called Nancy Pelosi stupid.  So, let me clear it all up.


            I was being nice—Nancy would need to brain transplant to rise to the level of stupid.  Evil might be a better description.  The queen of the left coast, hero of the City by the Bay, ground zero for judgment in the final days, met the Pope this week and evidently thought it was a good time to show him some family photos.


            I do not care what your belief system is; stupid is a good word for someone who shows personal photos at a time like this.  She probably asked him to be her Facebook friend at the same time.


            “Oh, Mr. Pope, I mean your sometimes holiness, when you are not speaking about abortion, do you twitter?  I am known as @idiotbythebay.  Follow me on twitter.  After all, I sort of follow you the rest of the time.


            “And by the way, when you are going to let a woman serve as Pope?  I volunteer.”


            Oh, I could go on all day, but you get the point.


            As long as people like this are in charge of the government we can only pray that we are not destroyed by our own stupidity.


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