The Preservative Value of Plastic: Cher Lives!


            I have to say that I love George W. Bush, I know that is not popular, but then what do I care?  I have thought that Bush’s Presidency was successful with some serious failures.


            Now, I have to rethink my opinion.  If I had known how close Bush came to killing Cher and yet failed I would never have felt good about his Presidency.  So close, but this in not hand grenades. 


            Cher lives, thus Bush failed.


            The real question is, and you will have to excuse me for cussing but this moment demands it, why in the hell is it that liberals cannot win graciously.  They have the Senate, the House, and the Presidency and still they want to whine about George W. Bush.


            Grow up and shut up.  Get in line right behind the proverbial Bruce Springsteen who only manages to sound stupid when he is talking.  Otherwise he seems like a nice, intelligent rock star.  Mr. Springsteen, do us all a favor and go behind that huge security gate on your properties and use that gate to our advantage—shut up and sing, then we can turn to another station, problem solved.


            Of course, part of the problem is that they are deliberately working hard to make matters worse than they are so that expectations will be low and thus success not expected.


            Even Forrest Gump could succeed in the world Obama wants us to believe he inherited from Bush.  These arguments might be nice if we would only forget that it is Congress that has spending power.  And then we have to remember who is in control of Congress—oh, yeah, the Democrats, the global warming creating and fighting, abortion-providing taxers of everything good and decent in our world.


            Oh, I know, let us live in the hope that was promised.  Let us live in a world where government spending on government programs will help the rest of us.


            What we need is a good five year plan, just like our father Joseph Stalin was so fond of.  Well, there probably is some hope for that.


            Cher, do not give up.  A couple of more surgeries and you might even be preborn—then you have nothing to fear from your crowd of heroes and baby killers.


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