American Jurisprudence Under Obama

The photo above shows you the new seat of power in America, the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.


I do not believe in conspiracies—it takes too much human intelligence to carry them off, especially when moving from one generation to the next.  They make for great novels and great movies, but reality is far from conspiracies.


            Now that the election is over I think the whole country is in for a rude awakening.  Though there is no conspiracy, we are set for liberals in the government to drag us much further to the left than most of us find comfortable.  I believe we are country just to the right of center—not far to the right.


            At the same time, we are country that prides ourselves on our independence.  We are not moved by cries that other countries are not doing things the way we are.  For years now we have lived in a world where we are the lone voice in a variety of matters.  One of the most negative consequences of the Iraq War is not that the rest of the world is not happy with our role in Iraq.  The reality is that the world does not like our power, the Iraq War is just a great way to put a title on the hatred.


            I think the most negative consequence of the Iraq War is that from it we have come to believe that we should learn to live according to the dictates of world opinion.  This past election was partly about getting in step with the world.  How many times did Obama tell us that he would restore our favor around the world?


            “Restore our favor around the world,” that seems a fairly tall order.  How did we loose our favor?  What was our favor before we lost it?  The fact of the matter is that for decades now Europe has been drifting from God at such a rapid pace that it is probably more accurate to say that they are racing from God.  Europeans have looked at the American world as old fashioned and mind-numbingly moral.


            The only way we are going to find Europe aligned with America is for us to move to their view on same-sex marriage, religion, free speech, catering to Islam, and government entitlement programs.  We will only find ourselves the object of European affection if we become part of the European Union, a European State.


            In other words, we will find favor in Europe if we surrender our sovereignty to the European Union.  If we become a nation of no consequence in the world we can be seen favorably by the world.  That is hardly what we are accustomed to as a nation.


            One of the places where this will show up first in an Obama world is in our courts.  One of the purest powers of the presidency is the appointment of judges to serve lifetime appointments in the federal courts.


            In recent years we have Supreme Court Justices who have started turning to our more enlightened brothers in Europe to help them determine the best way to rule in cases of moral consequence like same-sex marriage issues.  They actually ruled against American legal precedence based on the holding of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France.  This is particularly troubling because the American Court acknowledged that they were ruling against our law based on the enlightened view of the older culture of Europe.


            The federal courts, thus, are surrendering our sovereignty to Europe.  We can expect more of that under Obama.  We should not expect it to be a slow turning, but a rapid turning.


            I personally think America being more internationally minded is a good thing.  I do not however, believe that we should surrender our sovereignty to the rest of the world. One of the greatest gifts we offer the world is the gift of freedom; freedom is never found in surrendering your sovereignty.


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