If Obama Wins I Am Not Leaving The Country, There I Said It!

            The title says it all.  I believe in America, and America is not the President.  America is a Constitutional Republic that lives long after really lousy government officials have faded into the dark night.  Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton continue to prove this for us in the modern era.  We are a land founded on the principle of freedom for everyone, from the lowest to the highest.  We are a land where not only the king, queen, and royal family can find prosperity, but everyone finds prosperity of some kind here.


            The difference in liberals and conservatives is seen in this approach.  Where are the conservatives in Hollywood screaming that if they do not get their way they are moving to another country where they will be properly worshipped and respected?


            Of course, we all knew that Alec Baldwin was not really moving—not enough worshippers in other parts of the world.  Barbra Streisand was never going anywhere.  These guys were just doing what my mother used to call “pitching a fit.”


            Maybe it is just that we really are smarter.  I do not think so, but I am willing to consider it.  Maybe it is just that we have a more balanced approach to life.  That I do believe.


            The real difference is that conservatives are willing to honestly evaluate their lives and their beliefs without fear of hating what they see.


            Liberals, on the other hand, are tolerant as long as it is their shortcomings.  Thus, if Bush is elected President we are leaving the country.


            In 2001 I lived in Strasbourg, France.  While we were there we had a friend who was from Siberia.  She lived in France as an immigrant from Russia.  She summed it up best when she said, “You know, I can live the rest of my life in France, get married, have children, become a part of the French world and I will always be a Russian—never French.  If I can come to America, I can become an American—that is what America is.”


            Forget the fact that we have lost some of moral standard to corruption and greed.  Forget the fact that we have a city full of people whose only challenge is to get in front of a television camera so they can increase their fortunes.  Here I am actually speaking of Washington, D.C. not Los Angeles. 


Our politicians are celebrities now.  Our celebrities seem to think we value their opinion.  Personally, I am tempted to go to a Bruce Springsteen concert with a bull horn just to get the opportunity to yell, “Hey, Boss, just shut up and sing would you.  We came to hear you sing your moral less songs, not to hear you share your volumes of political ignorance.”


We were clearly founded by men who were influenced by the morality of the Bible if not by their personal belief in the Gospel of the Bible—that would be Jesus for you left coasters.  These were men who understood that if you want to govern others through a system of freedom you must first govern yourself.


Barney Frank would have been rejected by the founding fathers.  He has never shown the ability to govern himself—thus he is not qualified to govern others.  They would not even have to get to the fact that he ran an escort service out of his congressional office in Washington to disqualify him.


As long as our idea of prosperity begins and ends with enriching ourselves we will never reach the place God has always intended for us.  We will never reach to the immortality that was intended for those who are created in God’s image.


When are we going to learn that it does not matter what the outside of the cup looks like, it is only what is on the inside that matters, for out of the mouth the heart speaks. 


I had a cousin who summed it up best, “You can put a five hundred dollar suit on a pig and you still have pork chops underneath.”


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