Congress Debating Who Caused The Economic Crisis Is Like Having Ted Bundy Investigate His Own Murders

            Today the House is debating who is responsible for the economic crisis we are currently facing.  Am I the only one who thinks that the inmates are in charge of the asylum now and we do not have a lot of hope for a solution?


            This is like having Ted Bundy head up the FBI investigation into the murders he committed.  I can see this investigation.  “Alright, today I am promising that I am going to determine who killed those people that I killed.  To do this I am going to interview a variety of people who watch Law and Order.  Maybe they will have some information that will help in the investigation.”


            The only thing that would make this a stronger analogy would be if the investigation into the Bundy murders dragged on for months and cost millions of dollars.  Is Congress the only body in the world who does not understand that the government was asleep at the switch?


            This Congress has done nothing.  Nancy Pelosi promised us if we put her in charge the price of gas would come down almost immediately.  At the time gas was less than two dollars a gallon. 


            Sure, there is greed on Wall Street, but even Oliver Stone can see that.  Sure, there is corruption on Wall Street, that is, after all, the base of greed.  Sure, we need to have the shareholders of these huge corporations pay more attention to the way their companies are run.  But is it realistic to expect shareholders who are not even aware that they hold shares of these corporations because they are purchased through retirement accounts and mutual funds to police the corporation?


            How much pork is enough pork?  If you are a greedy pig the answer is there can never be too much pork!


            When are we, the citizens of this great nation, the ultimate voice in freedom, going to demand that our politicians act in our best interest and not their own—all of them?


            Hmmhh, maybe we can stop wasting money investigating who is to blame for the financial meltdown—it seems to me that we all are.


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