San Francisco, Enough Said

            For the past couple of months we keep hearing that San Francisco voters are going to be given the chance to name a waste treatment plant after George W. Bush.  They seem to think it is funny to make fun of sitting Presidents.  Of course, for a land of tolerance, at least tolerance of liberal ideas, they do not seem so tolerant to me.


            First of all, I think the White House should release a statement thanking San Francisco for considering naming this facility after President Bush.  This is what I think the statement should say:  “President Bush wishes to offer his sincere thanks to the people of San Francisco for naming a waste treatment plant after him.  He personally considers it an honor to finally be recognized in this manner.  After all, for the past eight years, the President has taken all of San Francisco’s crap and worked to clean it up.  Now he is getting the recognition for his work.”


            That said, I think there is something to be said for respect.  We showed respect for Jimmy Carter.  I am not sure why we showed respect, but we did.  We showed respect for Bill Clinton; even though he made sure we had to get our children out of the room for the news.  Even my five year son knew what the word is is.


            Maybe it is time to denounce San Francisco.  These nuts who insist on forcing their beliefs on the rest of the country need to stop talking.  The mistake they are making is to believe that they are important.  They must be important; after all, they keep telling us they know what is best.


            San Francisco should turn their attention on themselves.  They should spew their filth across their city instead of out of it and see if really smells as good as they seem to think it does.


            Those who live on an active, large fault should watch themselves.  The ground ahs been known to open up and swallow the filth of this planet—that might just solve global warming for us.


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