Jimma Carter, We Hardly Knew Ye!

            I can remember when I would make stupid statements like, “Jimmy Carter may be the worst President we have ever had, but he is a great former President.”  How stupid was I?  Not on the former part of the statement, but on the later part of the statement.


            Jimmy Carter was a lousy Governor, made to look better by his complete ineptness as President.  What a joke he proved to be!  Interest rates out of control, inflation out of control, gas crisis that is not even matched today, and who can forget the Iranian Hostage Crisis.  God protect the country that finds an incompetent like Jimmy Carter in charge of it ever again.


            Give me George W. Bush any day.  Give me Herbert Hoover for that matter.  Who remembers Jimma’s conservation idea of turning up the thermostat in the summer and down in the winter?  Thanks for leading the way, Jimma.  That is about as good as inflating our tires on the road to energy indepence.


            For a long time Jimmy served us well as former President.  At least he was not destroying our country with his lack of wisdom and childish approach to life and politics.


            I am sure some Carterophiles are upset by now.  Well, for too long we have apologized for Reagan and Bush—it is your turn to apologize.  The most amazing thing is that we survived Carter’s Presidency at all.


            I could forgive Jimmy all of this if he would just shut up!  Why would he believe we want to hear what he has to say about politics?  Maybe it would be good if America’s most failed President just went back to peanut farming in Plains.  He could ride his bike to the store and let us finally forget the legacy of disgrace he left us.


            That would be asking too much, since Jimmy is busy winning Noble Peace Prizes and glorifying Hezbollah, the terrorist organization.  Jimmy’s lack of wisdom was best displayed when he accepted the Noble Peace Prize—even the organizers admitted they were only giving it to Jimmy as a slap in George W. Bush’s face.  Well done, Jimmy!  Have a peanut on me!


            Now, every time I turn around Jimmy Carter is declaring that Bush’s policies are a failure, or Bush does not know what he is doing.  I would submit that being complete incompetent does not make you a valid judge of incompetence.  Incompetence by its very definition is not something one incompetent recognizes in another incompetent.  While Jimmy Carter does not have a clue about anything to do with reality and government, that does not make him a valid critic of anyone else.  This is one area where experience is not the best teacher.  


            In the words of the singer Larry Norman, “Carter told the Iranians if you don’t let our hostages go, next time I am going to crash the helicopters even closer.”


            The interesting thing is that the Welcome Center for Plains, Georgia has a little Carter Corner that shows photos from Jimma’s Presidency.  Two things struck me, one there is not photo of Jimmy in a dunces cap.  The other thing is there is a caption on the last photo that states, “Jimmy Carter negotiating the release of the American hostages.” 


            Plains might want to rewrite their history and play to their favorite son.  The rest of us would do well to stop letting people like Jimmy Carter make up history and change their own story for their own gain.


            You might be a great Sunday School teacher, but you also showed us that being smart or a nice guy does not qualify you for President of the United States.


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