Bill Maher, Hero Of My Faith

            When the new “movie” by Bill came out I just ignored it, much like I do Bill’s entertainment show from the left coast.  Today I started rethinking my position on Bill Maher.  I would like to declare that Bill is now a hero of my Christian faith.  Do not get me wrong, he is not the only one—I am declaring every Hollywood nut case who declares war on Christianity a hero of the faith.


            I probably need to explain this quickly before you accuse me of heretical statements.


            Like everyone else I struggle with my faith.  I struggle with its value in everyday life.  I struggle with it in the dark days we all stumble through.  At the end of my struggle I always land on the side of turning to my faith to get through the good days and the bad days.


            If there is nothing to Christianity, if Christianity is merely a crutch the weak lean on, if Christianity is the foolish dream of old ladies and the weak minded, why do some people—claiming to be smart—dedicate so much of their energy trying to discredit it?


            Why would Bill Maher dedicate so much of his time to ridiculing Christianity?  The first answer makes the most sense, but it is not the best answer—there has to be more.  The first answer is that he is making a lot of money ridiculing Christianity in particular and religion in general.  We all do a lot of things for money.  Some of the things we do are good and some of those things are bad.


            The second and, I expect, more truthful answer is that Bill Maher hates God.  I am sure that Bill would claim that he only hates those who claim to speak for God, but just the little I have seen of Bill begs to differ with him.  His rants are not anti-the-people-of-God, they are anti-anything-to-do-with-God.  Furthermore, they are very angry rants.  Bill Maher is not casually sitting around thinking bad thoughts about God—he is angrily spewing his twisted opinions on everything Christians hold dear.


            The more time Bill Maher spends mocking God and claiming He does not exist, the more encouraged I am in my own faith.  After all, if God does not exist, why are people like Maher spending so much time arguing with Him or about Him?


            If there is no God who is the fool, the person who believes in a God that does not exist, or the person who dedicates their life to fighting a God that does not exist?  I think the answer is easy.  The real fool is the person who dedicates so much of their time fighting something they do not believe exists.


            I do not believe in Santa Claus, but I spend no time arguing with people that he does not exist.  I do not spend time trying to discredit the people who believe.  Santa has done a lot of evil in this world.  What about the harm to the poor who find themselves virtually ignored by this benevolent giver of gifts to all?  Because Christmas is not good to the poor does that make them bad children?  I think not, but that is what the legend of Santa tells them.


            Bill’s ranting against Christianity based on the evil some people do in the name of God is not justified.  That is like arguing against television because there is pornography on television.  It is like arguing against anything that does a lot of good based on the abuse that is also done.


            The solution is not to get rid of religion and Christianity.  The solution is to tell people like Bill Maher thank you for confirming my beliefs.  Bill, you really are a hero of my faith.  If you were not so adamant to fight my beliefs I might not be forced to examine them and see that the only person who truly understands is the person who clings to the beliefs of the ancient Christian faith.


            Thank you, Bill Maher, you alone prove the existence of God as far as I am concerned.


            Rant on brother, the fact that you do not believe is proof that God exists and that His grace is sufficient for us all.  One day you too will believe, the only question that remains is whether it will be in time to save your soul.


1 Response to “Bill Maher, Hero Of My Faith”

  1. 1 Dre 10 October 2008 at 5:58 pm

    This is right on. I recently saw Bill on TV talking about his movie. It made me sick. And upset. I’m thankful that you can put into words my feelings as well.

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