Stoned Again–Oliver Stone’s Twisted View Of Everything

            You have to love guys like Oliver Stone, and Michael Moore—they refuse to let truth or integrity get in their way when it comes to making “movies.”  Never mind the timing of their finished products—right before an election.  Never mind the topic—pretending to be reality based.  Oliver Stone has been doing his best Jerry Garcia on acid—most any day in Jerry’s life if the bios are to be believed—imitation.


            I am sure the new movie will be interesting.  At least to the stoned one’s credit he is not presenting this new movie as a documentary.  He is, however, claiming to have inside information on the Bush Administration and thus suggesting that his story is credible.  Who knows, maybe the DVD special features will finally prove that the Bush family was behind the Kennedy assassination.  Or maybe he can prove that the World Trade Center twin towers never existed—they were merely an illusion.


            The good news is that few people take Oliver or Michael seriously anymore.  They have their followers, their faithful—I am sure Charlie Sheen gets his call girls from Oliver’s black book.  Michael Douglas, whatever happened to him, probably thought he should play Bush; he was the last President after all.


            And now, we find out that the Chinese might be behind the funding of the movie.  Gee, do these guys know that the Soviet Union died and communism no longer holds its charm.  Of course, the charm of communism was only felt by those in power and the Elites in the West who thought that Alexander Solzhenitsyn was a false prophet.  Of course, these are the same people who claim that Ronald Reagan did not have anything to do with the end of the Soviet Union.  They are the ones who booed Solzhenitsyn at Harvard.


            Oh, if we could just return to the days of justice, when a man could be tried and convicted before he was shot, but after he had been tortured so badly that he was happy to be shot.


            One day there will be a museum for guys like Stone and Moore—it will have a room titled “The Idiots of Hollywood.”  Well, maybe it will be more than a room—it might take an entire state.  Maybe we should put it in the Midwest; that would force these clueless Hollywood folks to actually visit the real America.


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