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Bill Ayers, Educator Extraordinaire?


            I have a degree in education and I am concerned about Bill Ayers the educator.  One of the problems with our schools is people like Bill Ayers setting the agenda for new teachers.  I do not understand why this guy has a voice anywhere.  Forget how he knows Barak Obama!  Why is this man being allowed to radicalize our schools?


            Ayers views on education are troublesome at best.  Here is a man who thinks our form of government is bad.  Here is a man who sought to violently overthrow our government.  We should not hold a person’s past against them forever—I believe in redemption, but only when it is appropriate.  Redemption is appropriate only when a person has learned from the mistakes of their youth and changed their basic philosophies.


            Ayers, by his own testimony, is happy about his past, well, not completely happy—he should have done more.  Done more!  He was responsible for the murder of innocent people in the 70s; so I guess the desire to do more includes killing more innocent people.  Thank God this man was not as good a terrorist as he wishes he was.


            Here is why I do not think people like Bill Ayers should be allowed to influence education in America.  They do not believe in traditional forms of education, but in using education to change the social structure of the country.  We cannot compete in math and the sciences because men like Ayers want to take the place of parents teaching young people what their morals should be.


Do not get me wrong, I think he should be allowed to teach, someone has to keep these outdated ideas alive, but he should not be permitted to shape education.  Of course, as long as schools like the University of Chicago exist we will have these radicals who want to control our society through education, rather than merely educate our children to compete in the modern technological world.


Where do these concerns of mine come from?  They come from interviews and writings by Ayers himself.  In a 1995 interview Ayers had this to say about himself and his beliefs:  I am a radical, Leftist, small ‘c’ communist…[Laughs] Maybe I’m the last communist who is willing to admit it. [Laughs] We have always been small ‘c’ communists in the sense that we were never in the Communist party and never Stalinists. The ethics of communism still appeal to me. I don’t like Lenin as much as the early Marx.” 


Now, I no longer have a bone to pick with the communists, we defeated their ideology because as nice as it sounds it just does not work in a world full of men like Bill Ayers.  It is just that I think communists belong in a museum, not university classrooms shaping the next generation of teachers.


We do not need to let teachers in the classroom cater to the needs of children without regard for the basic education that must occur.  Liberals should raise their children to believe their own brand of government.  Instead, they want to raise our children as well.


We do not need another generation of home grown domestic terrorists who believe the way to disagree with the government is to declare physical, violent war on the government they are protesting.  How disingenuous can you be?  Bill Ayers position is best summed up like this:  We do not believe in the Vietnam War.  We are against violence.  Therefore we are going to bomb government buildings to show our nonviolent ways.


I do not believe this man should be allowed anywhere near our children—even though he is honest enough to admit that he is still a Marxist.


Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

            For years I have dealt with a variety of people who seem to enjoy fighting internally as much as they enjoy fighting the real enemy.  Let me begin by reminding each of us that our real enemy is not man or men, gay or straight, liberal or conservative.  Our real enemy is a spiritual force that seeks to destroy the souls of men.  As long as we waste all of our time fighting symptoms we will never cure the disease.


            Rather than delve into the weeds on this broad topic I want to narrow it down somewhat.  I work with a lot of people who want to spend a lot of their time fighting other Christians who do not believe the same on noncore issues.  In other words, many of us want to fight over the ten percent over which we disagree rather than celebrate the ninety percent on which we agree.


            I am losing my patience with these arguments for a number of reasons, but the main reason is this type of argument does not further the goal of the church.  We are here to be salt and light, to transform unregenerated man and culture into regenerated man and culture.  We are here to change the world, to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth rather than take the kingdom of earth to heaven.


            I do not think there are arguments in heaven over what version of the Bible we read.  I do not think there are arguments in heaven over what clothes we wear.  I do not think heaven cares about the length of our hair—for either men or women.  Do not get me wrong, I love to discuss these issues when they do not matter, but I believe when we lead with these issues we discredit the kingdom of heaven.


            One of the biggest time destroyers in the evangelical community for decades has been the role of the Catholic Church.  Let me start off by saying that I am not a member of the Catholic Church because I do not agree with some of their doctrine.  I do not, however, want to argue over the doctrinal differences between us here.


            I think there are more important matters that Evangelicals must consider in our war to discredit or destroy the Catholic Church; matters that should give us pause the next time we declare war on the Catholic Church.


            We need to remember, no matter how we feel about the Catholic Church they were the chosen vehicle for the church for nearly fifteen hundred years.  Before the Reformation began there was only the Catholic Church; and to a much lesser extent the Orthodox Church, making inroads into the cultures of the world of any significance.


            Regardless of what I think about the Catholic Church, God chose to use it as His tool on the face of the earth.  To believe otherwise is to question the sovereignty of God.  So, first of all we should show some respect for the history God has given us as a people.


            Next, the Catholic Church is an organization that reaches around the world.  You can go to any major and most other cities in the world and find a Catholic Church that is reaching into the community for some reason.


            Regardless of whether we agree with their doctrine, the Catholic Church still preaches the name of Jesus on a number of levels.  They continue to speak about Jesus to much of the world—places where the Evangelical Church has yet to turn its attention.


            There is great value in this.  I understand that there are many who believe we can only accept the discussions of Jesus that are completely inundated with proper theology.  I personally believe there is value in the moral codes and structures that cover the world which were created by the Catholic Church—moral codes which are, at their core, Christian morals.  These moral codes influenced our founding fathers, even the ones who were not Christians.


            Another value we need to consider is the stand the Catholic Church is making around the world as a Christian organization that is avoiding creating a complete vacuum for Islam and other anti-Christian belief systems around the world to fill.  We should not be deceived; the vacuum that would be left by the loss of a Christian moral code is not neutral.  Whether it is a moral code that does not believe in moral absolutes or an Islamic or Hindu moral code, it is a moral code that has spiritual significance and will change the face of the planet.


You might not realize it but there are more religions than Islam that are killing Christians right now.


            According to Voice of the Martyrs there are more Christians being killed because of their faith right now than at any time in the history of the world!


            Whether we believe it or not, we are in a battle for the spiritual soul of this planet.  Christianity has long been the dominate religion, but that is rapidly changing even in America.           


            The final argument I am presenting is without a doubt the strongest argument.  The Catholic Church is undoubtedly the strongest voice in the world on the issue of abortion and same-sex marriage.  While some Evangelicals have stumbled over these issues, the Catholic Church remains staunchly committed to a pro-life position without apology.  They are so firm that they have issued statements regarding the value of life during this election cycle in America where abortion is almost a nonexistent issue.


            At the same time, the Catholic Church is standing strong against the idea that God approves of the marriage of two men or two women.


            Mark my words, if we lose the voice of the Catholic Church on either of these issues we will see a free fall of the moral structure of the entire western world.  It is not an overstatement to declare that but for the stand of the Catholic Church pro-life and pro-traditional family values would not exist.


            Instead of being divisive maybe it is time for us to come alongside our brethren and thank them for keeping the Bible alive, standing for morality in a dark land, and proving to be worthy of the calling God gave them nearly two thousand years ago.

If Obama Wins I Am Not Leaving The Country, There I Said It!

            The title says it all.  I believe in America, and America is not the President.  America is a Constitutional Republic that lives long after really lousy government officials have faded into the dark night.  Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton continue to prove this for us in the modern era.  We are a land founded on the principle of freedom for everyone, from the lowest to the highest.  We are a land where not only the king, queen, and royal family can find prosperity, but everyone finds prosperity of some kind here.


            The difference in liberals and conservatives is seen in this approach.  Where are the conservatives in Hollywood screaming that if they do not get their way they are moving to another country where they will be properly worshipped and respected?


            Of course, we all knew that Alec Baldwin was not really moving—not enough worshippers in other parts of the world.  Barbra Streisand was never going anywhere.  These guys were just doing what my mother used to call “pitching a fit.”


            Maybe it is just that we really are smarter.  I do not think so, but I am willing to consider it.  Maybe it is just that we have a more balanced approach to life.  That I do believe.


            The real difference is that conservatives are willing to honestly evaluate their lives and their beliefs without fear of hating what they see.


            Liberals, on the other hand, are tolerant as long as it is their shortcomings.  Thus, if Bush is elected President we are leaving the country.


            In 2001 I lived in Strasbourg, France.  While we were there we had a friend who was from Siberia.  She lived in France as an immigrant from Russia.  She summed it up best when she said, “You know, I can live the rest of my life in France, get married, have children, become a part of the French world and I will always be a Russian—never French.  If I can come to America, I can become an American—that is what America is.”


            Forget the fact that we have lost some of moral standard to corruption and greed.  Forget the fact that we have a city full of people whose only challenge is to get in front of a television camera so they can increase their fortunes.  Here I am actually speaking of Washington, D.C. not Los Angeles. 


Our politicians are celebrities now.  Our celebrities seem to think we value their opinion.  Personally, I am tempted to go to a Bruce Springsteen concert with a bull horn just to get the opportunity to yell, “Hey, Boss, just shut up and sing would you.  We came to hear you sing your moral less songs, not to hear you share your volumes of political ignorance.”


We were clearly founded by men who were influenced by the morality of the Bible if not by their personal belief in the Gospel of the Bible—that would be Jesus for you left coasters.  These were men who understood that if you want to govern others through a system of freedom you must first govern yourself.


Barney Frank would have been rejected by the founding fathers.  He has never shown the ability to govern himself—thus he is not qualified to govern others.  They would not even have to get to the fact that he ran an escort service out of his congressional office in Washington to disqualify him.


As long as our idea of prosperity begins and ends with enriching ourselves we will never reach the place God has always intended for us.  We will never reach to the immortality that was intended for those who are created in God’s image.


When are we going to learn that it does not matter what the outside of the cup looks like, it is only what is on the inside that matters, for out of the mouth the heart speaks. 


I had a cousin who summed it up best, “You can put a five hundred dollar suit on a pig and you still have pork chops underneath.”

Congress Debating Who Caused The Economic Crisis Is Like Having Ted Bundy Investigate His Own Murders

            Today the House is debating who is responsible for the economic crisis we are currently facing.  Am I the only one who thinks that the inmates are in charge of the asylum now and we do not have a lot of hope for a solution?


            This is like having Ted Bundy head up the FBI investigation into the murders he committed.  I can see this investigation.  “Alright, today I am promising that I am going to determine who killed those people that I killed.  To do this I am going to interview a variety of people who watch Law and Order.  Maybe they will have some information that will help in the investigation.”


            The only thing that would make this a stronger analogy would be if the investigation into the Bundy murders dragged on for months and cost millions of dollars.  Is Congress the only body in the world who does not understand that the government was asleep at the switch?


            This Congress has done nothing.  Nancy Pelosi promised us if we put her in charge the price of gas would come down almost immediately.  At the time gas was less than two dollars a gallon. 


            Sure, there is greed on Wall Street, but even Oliver Stone can see that.  Sure, there is corruption on Wall Street, that is, after all, the base of greed.  Sure, we need to have the shareholders of these huge corporations pay more attention to the way their companies are run.  But is it realistic to expect shareholders who are not even aware that they hold shares of these corporations because they are purchased through retirement accounts and mutual funds to police the corporation?


            How much pork is enough pork?  If you are a greedy pig the answer is there can never be too much pork!


            When are we, the citizens of this great nation, the ultimate voice in freedom, going to demand that our politicians act in our best interest and not their own—all of them?


            Hmmhh, maybe we can stop wasting money investigating who is to blame for the financial meltdown—it seems to me that we all are.

San Francisco, Enough Said

            For the past couple of months we keep hearing that San Francisco voters are going to be given the chance to name a waste treatment plant after George W. Bush.  They seem to think it is funny to make fun of sitting Presidents.  Of course, for a land of tolerance, at least tolerance of liberal ideas, they do not seem so tolerant to me.


            First of all, I think the White House should release a statement thanking San Francisco for considering naming this facility after President Bush.  This is what I think the statement should say:  “President Bush wishes to offer his sincere thanks to the people of San Francisco for naming a waste treatment plant after him.  He personally considers it an honor to finally be recognized in this manner.  After all, for the past eight years, the President has taken all of San Francisco’s crap and worked to clean it up.  Now he is getting the recognition for his work.”


            That said, I think there is something to be said for respect.  We showed respect for Jimmy Carter.  I am not sure why we showed respect, but we did.  We showed respect for Bill Clinton; even though he made sure we had to get our children out of the room for the news.  Even my five year son knew what the word is is.


            Maybe it is time to denounce San Francisco.  These nuts who insist on forcing their beliefs on the rest of the country need to stop talking.  The mistake they are making is to believe that they are important.  They must be important; after all, they keep telling us they know what is best.


            San Francisco should turn their attention on themselves.  They should spew their filth across their city instead of out of it and see if really smells as good as they seem to think it does.


            Those who live on an active, large fault should watch themselves.  The ground ahs been known to open up and swallow the filth of this planet—that might just solve global warming for us.

Jimma Carter, We Hardly Knew Ye!

            I can remember when I would make stupid statements like, “Jimmy Carter may be the worst President we have ever had, but he is a great former President.”  How stupid was I?  Not on the former part of the statement, but on the later part of the statement.


            Jimmy Carter was a lousy Governor, made to look better by his complete ineptness as President.  What a joke he proved to be!  Interest rates out of control, inflation out of control, gas crisis that is not even matched today, and who can forget the Iranian Hostage Crisis.  God protect the country that finds an incompetent like Jimmy Carter in charge of it ever again.


            Give me George W. Bush any day.  Give me Herbert Hoover for that matter.  Who remembers Jimma’s conservation idea of turning up the thermostat in the summer and down in the winter?  Thanks for leading the way, Jimma.  That is about as good as inflating our tires on the road to energy indepence.


            For a long time Jimmy served us well as former President.  At least he was not destroying our country with his lack of wisdom and childish approach to life and politics.


            I am sure some Carterophiles are upset by now.  Well, for too long we have apologized for Reagan and Bush—it is your turn to apologize.  The most amazing thing is that we survived Carter’s Presidency at all.


            I could forgive Jimmy all of this if he would just shut up!  Why would he believe we want to hear what he has to say about politics?  Maybe it would be good if America’s most failed President just went back to peanut farming in Plains.  He could ride his bike to the store and let us finally forget the legacy of disgrace he left us.


            That would be asking too much, since Jimmy is busy winning Noble Peace Prizes and glorifying Hezbollah, the terrorist organization.  Jimmy’s lack of wisdom was best displayed when he accepted the Noble Peace Prize—even the organizers admitted they were only giving it to Jimmy as a slap in George W. Bush’s face.  Well done, Jimmy!  Have a peanut on me!


            Now, every time I turn around Jimmy Carter is declaring that Bush’s policies are a failure, or Bush does not know what he is doing.  I would submit that being complete incompetent does not make you a valid judge of incompetence.  Incompetence by its very definition is not something one incompetent recognizes in another incompetent.  While Jimmy Carter does not have a clue about anything to do with reality and government, that does not make him a valid critic of anyone else.  This is one area where experience is not the best teacher.  


            In the words of the singer Larry Norman, “Carter told the Iranians if you don’t let our hostages go, next time I am going to crash the helicopters even closer.”


            The interesting thing is that the Welcome Center for Plains, Georgia has a little Carter Corner that shows photos from Jimma’s Presidency.  Two things struck me, one there is not photo of Jimmy in a dunces cap.  The other thing is there is a caption on the last photo that states, “Jimmy Carter negotiating the release of the American hostages.” 


            Plains might want to rewrite their history and play to their favorite son.  The rest of us would do well to stop letting people like Jimmy Carter make up history and change their own story for their own gain.


            You might be a great Sunday School teacher, but you also showed us that being smart or a nice guy does not qualify you for President of the United States.

Bill Maher, Hero Of My Faith

            When the new “movie” by Bill came out I just ignored it, much like I do Bill’s entertainment show from the left coast.  Today I started rethinking my position on Bill Maher.  I would like to declare that Bill is now a hero of my Christian faith.  Do not get me wrong, he is not the only one—I am declaring every Hollywood nut case who declares war on Christianity a hero of the faith.


            I probably need to explain this quickly before you accuse me of heretical statements.


            Like everyone else I struggle with my faith.  I struggle with its value in everyday life.  I struggle with it in the dark days we all stumble through.  At the end of my struggle I always land on the side of turning to my faith to get through the good days and the bad days.


            If there is nothing to Christianity, if Christianity is merely a crutch the weak lean on, if Christianity is the foolish dream of old ladies and the weak minded, why do some people—claiming to be smart—dedicate so much of their energy trying to discredit it?


            Why would Bill Maher dedicate so much of his time to ridiculing Christianity?  The first answer makes the most sense, but it is not the best answer—there has to be more.  The first answer is that he is making a lot of money ridiculing Christianity in particular and religion in general.  We all do a lot of things for money.  Some of the things we do are good and some of those things are bad.


            The second and, I expect, more truthful answer is that Bill Maher hates God.  I am sure that Bill would claim that he only hates those who claim to speak for God, but just the little I have seen of Bill begs to differ with him.  His rants are not anti-the-people-of-God, they are anti-anything-to-do-with-God.  Furthermore, they are very angry rants.  Bill Maher is not casually sitting around thinking bad thoughts about God—he is angrily spewing his twisted opinions on everything Christians hold dear.


            The more time Bill Maher spends mocking God and claiming He does not exist, the more encouraged I am in my own faith.  After all, if God does not exist, why are people like Maher spending so much time arguing with Him or about Him?


            If there is no God who is the fool, the person who believes in a God that does not exist, or the person who dedicates their life to fighting a God that does not exist?  I think the answer is easy.  The real fool is the person who dedicates so much of their time fighting something they do not believe exists.


            I do not believe in Santa Claus, but I spend no time arguing with people that he does not exist.  I do not spend time trying to discredit the people who believe.  Santa has done a lot of evil in this world.  What about the harm to the poor who find themselves virtually ignored by this benevolent giver of gifts to all?  Because Christmas is not good to the poor does that make them bad children?  I think not, but that is what the legend of Santa tells them.


            Bill’s ranting against Christianity based on the evil some people do in the name of God is not justified.  That is like arguing against television because there is pornography on television.  It is like arguing against anything that does a lot of good based on the abuse that is also done.


            The solution is not to get rid of religion and Christianity.  The solution is to tell people like Bill Maher thank you for confirming my beliefs.  Bill, you really are a hero of my faith.  If you were not so adamant to fight my beliefs I might not be forced to examine them and see that the only person who truly understands is the person who clings to the beliefs of the ancient Christian faith.


            Thank you, Bill Maher, you alone prove the existence of God as far as I am concerned.


            Rant on brother, the fact that you do not believe is proof that God exists and that His grace is sufficient for us all.  One day you too will believe, the only question that remains is whether it will be in time to save your soul.

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