Great News! My novel is now available in audio CD!

I have to share it with you, because it seems pretty amazing to me–Southern Justice, my novel is now available on audio CD.  You can get a copy directly from my publisher by following this link:

After you listen to it, or read it, I would love to hear what you think.

Here is an overview of the novel:

“Murder in small town Georgia leads to a trial where the only victim, other than Bobby Lee Jones, is the truth. In Southern Justice, author Joel Thornton presents the last of the old southern lawyers: an aristocratic lawyer everyone calls T.J.—an icon in Rome, Georgia. In a moment of weakness, T.J. puts everything he has built on the line by agreeing to represent Bobby Lee Jones, an African American, considered by many to be retarded, who stands accused of killing three white boys. In cold blood. The problems? Bobby Lee can’t remember anything. The evidence, although sparse, is incriminating. And the town has already decided that Bobby Lee, and everyone who helps him, should be hanged. Will T.J. be able to save this simple man? Can T.J. salvage his reputation? Will the defense fall victim to Southern Justice? Watch the courtroom drama unfold as T.J. works his way through the lies, pulling at the thread of truth only he believes is there—the thread of truth every good lawyer knows runs through every courtroom. ”

Happy listening!


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