Thank God Alec Baldwin Is Leading The Charge On Parenting And The Law!

            At first I was angry when I saw that Alec Baldwin has “written” a book on parenting.  Surprisingly enough it is not called “Shut Up, You Little Pig.”  I think the title change alone is enough to say that maybe, just maybe Alec is learning how to be a father.


            According to the blurb I read in the USAToday, the book is about parental rights, the law, and divorce.  I find it hard to believe that Alec is complaining that the courts are stacked against him.  After the last highly publicized interaction with his daughter, you were probably not surprised that Alec did not receive any votes for father of the year, other than from a couple of people on his payroll.  The yes men speak.  I am not sure why he claims to be upset with the legal system, but I am upset with the legal system if he still has any right to interact with his daughter without supervision.


            I have had my fill of men who cannot control their tempers.  There is no excuse for a man belittle others—especially a father with his daughter.  I worked for years with a man who thought that it made him a bigger man if he belittled me and others in front of our co-workers.  This type of immaturity and improper behavior cannot be tolerated.


            Maybe when Janeane Garofalo said last week that republicans are mean she really meant that Alec Baldwin is mean.  Maybe when she said that terror was a republican policy she meant to blame it on Alec.


            If the courts are stacked against fathers in family rights that might be something we should look into.  If Alec Baldwin is the proof of this bias, then let’s move to another topic.  He has worked hard to get what he has earned, live with it.


            Of course, Alec could have avoided all of these problems if he were a man of his word.  I seem to remember the promise that if Bush was elected President Alec would leave the country.  Why is it that violent, ill-tempered men are not able to keep their word?  Where is integrity when you need it?!


            Finally, Janeane, I feel your pain.  The fact that Alec has a child is a great example of a lack of “reproductive justice.”  It is only a shame that Alec is not a republican so he could be proof of the correctness of Janeane’s inane rambles and rants.


Maybe we are wrong on abortion, maybe we should refuse to let some people father children.


            Just a thought!


1 Response to “Thank God Alec Baldwin Is Leading The Charge On Parenting And The Law!”

  1. 1 Dre 20 September 2008 at 4:49 am

    I am SO enjoying these blogs about the stupidity of celebrities!

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