Where Are The True Feminists?

My entire life is made up of people claiming that women were equal to men.  I was belittled if I did not believe it.  I was made to feel stupid if I raised any questions to it.  I finally gave in and realized that women and men are equal.  Women are as smart as men.  Women are as tough as men.


I get it.  Frankly, after living with my wife for 18 years I might have to say that I no longer agree that men and women are equal.  Watching her go through life and really give everything for everybody, I have come to believe that women might be better than men.  They are certainly better at giving of themselves to serve those around them.  My wife gets sick and does not care for herself because there are still others who need her.  I get sick and she puts me to bed and makes me rest.  For her there is no rest for the weary.


Suddenly, the rules have changed.  Suddenly, with the elevation of a conservative woman to the vice presidential candidate of the Republican Party women are not equal simply because they are women.


I have been amazed to watch liberal women jump off the women are equal to men bandwagon that I am riding on.  It is like watching blacks jump off the blacks are equal to whites bandwagon simply because some blacks are conservative.


This is the reason I lean to the right.  Since the sixties I have watched liberals run from intellectual integrity.  They believe in evolution but everyone else is an idiot.  They believe in abortion and the rest of us are stupid.  They believe in peace at all costs and the rest of us are unintelligent.  They believe God is dead and therefore God, who insists in being alive, is stupid.  I am sure you see the direction I am going.


I am tired of apologizing for my beliefs.  They have served me well; they have served our country well.  Let’s learn to disagree with dignity.  I will not be less because I do not mindlessly follow the teachings of those who seem to be living on the flashbacks of their LSD days.

As Joan Boaz said in song:  “The sixties are over…” so let them be.  It is time to move on.  Take another hit of acid and leave me alone!


1 Response to “Where Are The True Feminists?”

  1. 1 rachelcervantes 3 September 2008 at 3:49 am

    Ok, I’m baffled here. What are you referring to? I’m liberal, feminist, and I am not what you are describing. A few more details?

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