Appeal Filed In Norway

This week the IHRG filed an appeal in the case of Oslo v. Keffer in Norway.  Larry Keffer was arrested this summer in Oslo for failing to leave when the police ordered him to stop sharing his faith in a public place.  We represented Larry at trial in Oslo and have now filed his appeal.  We are asking the Appeals Court to overturn the conviction and remove the fines against Larry.  If he does not pay the fines he will be required to spend 21 days in jail.


This is a critical case for free speech in Europe and we will fight it until the end.  Larry went to Norway for the purpose of sharing his faith in public places with his friend and fellow evangelist, Petar Keseljevic.  They were both arrested and both found guilty at trial. 


Petar was arrested last year on the same charge and we are currently representing him at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France.


Arresting evangelist for free speech is rather rare in Europe currently.  If we do not fight this new trend I believe we will see more arrests in the near future.


That is why we do what we do at the IHRG.  If we lose the right to share our faith in Europe I believe it will come to America eventually.


So we fight in the courts of Europe!


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