A Partial Victory In Germany

We have just received a partial victory in Germany.  The Brause family home schools their children for religious reasons—they disagree with much of the anti-Christian curriculum in the sex education, science, and new age religion areas.  They have stood on their Christian principles and they have paid dearly for it.


Nearly two years ago the Youth Welfare Office went to court and had the custody of the two youngest Brause children taken from the parents the purposes of where the children live.  This means that any time the Youth Welfare Office decides to they can come to the Brause home and remove these two children.


The only solution for the Brauses, short of winning a court victory, is to surrender their principles and place their children in the public schools.


Until today the Brause parents were scheduled to have their day in court on July 24.  They have been charged with “intentional child neglect.”  The sole evidence proving this criminal claim is that they home school.  That is right, German officials consider home schooling to be child neglect because the parents are failing to educate the children in the location German officials consider proper.  This, in spite the fact that Germans working abroad for the government are encouraged to home school.


It is an interesting concept to think that a German family, in German, is neglecting their children when they are doing what the government encourages their own employees to do.


This is an incredible double standard!


Today the court has indefinitely postponed the case.  The reason, an attorney representing the Brause parents on behalf of the International Human Rights Group, in a legal brief filed last week, seems to have convinced the court that the prosecution has not presented enough facts to prove their case.


So, the court has postponed the hearing and we see this as a partial victory for the family.  After all, the children are still at home and the parents are still home schooling them.


Please continue to pray for this family as they stand strong against educational tyranny!


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