And Now The Appeal

            I knew this was going to happen, from the moment Petar and Larry were arrested.  I knew we would have a trial.  I knew we would present good evidence that they should not have been arrested.  I knew I would leave the courtroom convinced that our clients should never have been arrested.


            After all, we had shown a thirty-five minute video of the alleged “crimes.”  We had testimony from both Petar and Larry as to the legitimate reasons they had to be on the streets.  We had cross examined the three police officers who testified during the course of the trial.  We had shown their testimony to be inconsistent.


            Then we had made good legal arguments in our close that would have moved most courts to realize that when someone is exercising their freedom of expression the police do not have an absolute right to order them to leave the area.


            The problem was that we were in Norway and peace on the streets is the rule at all costs.  When the police give an order it has to be obeyed.  It does not matter that you are doing something perfectly legal.  It doesn’t matter that you have a right to be where you are.  The police cannot be questioned.  This is how life works in the European police states.


            So, on Monday when I heard that we had lost at the trial level, I was not surprised.  We had taken the case I knew we would win or lose it on appeal rather than at the trial court.  In fact, I do not expect to win the case before we get to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France.


            We fight because it is the only way to keep the door for the proclamation of the Gospel open.  We do not have any guarantees of the victory.  I only know that if we do not fight we will lose.


            Therefore, we will fight until we win.  Case by case, country by country.


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