A New Case Before The European Court Of Human Rights

We are currently in Strasbourg, France preparing to file a case at the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of the Plett family.  The Plett’s are a Russian German family that has chosen to home school two of their children rather than send them to the depraved German public school system.


I could go into great detail about the problems with education in the German public schools, but it would become pornographic rather quickly.  Suffice it to say that the sex education includes graphic descriptions and depictions even in the early grades.  They include complete acceptance of homosexual couples as normal families.  Of course, the Germans have granted identical status to homosexual and heterosexual couples.  Homosexual couples have every right that heterosexual couples have except the right to a marriage license.  As a result, the normal family discussed in kindergarten and first and second grade classes must include the discussion of families as two men, or two women in classroom settings. 


When children tell the teacher that their family does not believe that homosexual couples are families the teacher will often declare that their family is wrong and the teaching is proper.


There is also a lot of occult teaching in all levels of school.  This includes out of body experiences guided by the teacher and other occultist classroom events. 


The Pletts were fined for home schooling their children.  When they did not pay the fines the local court gave legal custody of the children to the Youth Welfare Office for matters of where the children lived.  In other words, the Youth Welfare Office can place the children in foster care at their sole discretion.


The case has gone through four courts in Germany and the Pletts lost at every level because the German system treats home schooling as a crime, including the potential for serving time in prison.


During the period of time in court Mrs. Plett moved to Austria with the home schooled children while the father and the remaining children stayed in Paderborn, Germany.  Recently the entire family reunited and moved to Canada to avoid having the children taken by the German government.  The German government insisted that they could have the children taken from the family—even while they were legally residing in Austria.


Tomorrow morning we file the Pletts’ case at the European Court.  We are asking the court to rule that Germany cannot continue to persecute home school families.  This case is a long shot, but we must make sure that we work to bring the full force of the law to protect this family.


Please pray for this family and our work.  You can support us through our web site www.ihrg.org.


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