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            I am getting ready to head back to Europe.  Even though I have only been home for a little over a week I have to be back in Strasbourg, France to file our second case at the European Court of Human Rights–in less than four months.  This case is from Germany and involves the rights of parents to control the education of their children.  Then I head to Oslo, Norway for a criminal trial involving two missionaries who were arrested for sharing their faith in public in Norway.


            Recently I was meeting with a Christian man who understands how the world works.  I was sharing with him regarding the battle that German is waging on home school families.  Though there are only three or four hundred children being home schooled in Germany, the German government has for reasons unknown, declared war on these children and their parents.  The question I was asked left me thinking.  This man wanted to know “why is the German government fighting such an insignificant group of families?” 


            At first I did not have an answer, something that is unusual for me.  After a couple of minutes of contemplation I suddenly understood what was going on in Germany.  It is like an example I have given to explain the French Secte Reports.  There the French released a list of names that labeled a variety of groups dangerous sects.  This list contained over 170 different organizations.  Most of the organizations on the list were indeed organizations that needed to be on a list like this—at least in a world where a list of any kind makes sense.


            The example was simple; cut off the fringe and move the edges of the piece of cloth closer to the middle.  Eventually there is nothing left of the cloth, in France the cloth represents the Church and the end result is the eradication of religion from public life in France and ultimately Europe.


            In Germany the case is somewhat different.  Here the goal is to completely secularize the culture; this is the spiritual war that is going on in most of the western world.  The Germans are attacking this small group of families for the reason they are small.  Most of these families seem strange to the average German and therefore there is no one who is going to think there is anything wrong with solving this “problem.”


            Once this group is out of the way the German government can quietly move to the next fringe group and continue their destructive ways.


            What most people fail to realize is the value of these fringe members of any society.  You see, one of the lessons we should have learned from Hitler is that how a society treats its fringe elements is good insight into how it will treat the rest of its people should its power become unlimited. 


            We must learn to respect the least of these among us.  The weakest link among us will be the one that reveals how enlightened we really are.


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