Hanging From The Wall Of Life

I know we all have days like this, when we feel like a tree growing out of a stone wall, fifteen or twenty feet above the ground with no hope of every standing on solid ground.


I am going through one of those times.  I know I am doing the right thing.  I know am doing it the right way.  I know I am answering the call on my life.  Yet, here I am hanging above the ground afraid to fall, afraid to hang on.


One of the greatest lessons we can learn is that life is often like this.  This is the proving ground.  Here is where we find out what we are made of.  It is easy to serve and work when everything is level ground.  The only problem with a life like that is that we never get refined in the fire.


I heard a preacher one time say that if you are walking down the track of life and never run into the devil perhaps you are walking in the wrong direction.  In other words, we should expect difficulties.  We should expect hard times.  Hard times make for hard people.  


The question is what kind of hard person are we going to be.  Are we going to be hard people who close themselves off from the world around them?  People who become cold and nonresponsive to the pain of others around us.  These people cannot experience life because they cannot see past their own pain.


We all have pain.  In the words of Jim Morrison of the Doors, “no one here gets out alive.”  We are a people bound by a common fate—we are all going to die and stand before our Maker.


The right kind of hard is the hard that led the pioneers to head out into the wilderness and build a nation.  This hard is one that makes us hard to the agonies of life, but not hard to the people around us.  These are the people we often turn to for guidance.  When we have trouble we want to talk to someone who has been hanging on the wall.  We want the voice of experience.


It is no fun to get help from someone who has heard of the wall but never been there.  Experience is sometimes the only way to grow.  Lessons learned the hard way are often the best lessons we ever learn.


So, here I am, hanging on the wall, looking down, longing for better days.  The question is: am I going to learn from this experience or am I going to merely hang on until better days come, blindly living through the pain with no real gain.


The greatest harm I could do for myself is to endure the hard times and learn nothing from the experience.  I have determined to endure the hard times with the strength of looking to the future and the joy that comes from learning to trust God when the times are hardest.


Rather than wishing away the hard times, I am determined to live through the hard times finding the silver lining of God’s wisdom in the midst of impossible situations.


What will the outcome be?  I do not have any promises that I will not be harmed.  I only have the promise that I will be a better person if I let God teach me what He wants to teach me in these hard times.


I will survive.  And I am going to be a better person because of the hardships.


That is a promise I can live with.  Join me on the wall!


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