Changing The World Where You Are

It is easy to look at the troubles around us and give up.  The problems are so plentiful.  They are so large.  There are so many people smarter than you, smarter than me, working to solve the problems.  What can one person do?  How can I make any difference?  After all, the media does not show up when I speak.  No one quotes me.  No one asks me questions about what I think should be done.  I do not sit at the table with presidents and rulers negotiating solutions.


Looking at that world there is little that can be done to make a difference in any world.  That is where we are wrong.  We are wrong in our perspective.  We are called to change the world.  We are called to make a difference.  I recently asked a question on an Internet forum:  “what are you doing to change the world?”


I had several responses to the question.  The first response was a person who felt challenged by the question.  They looked at the elephant of changing the world and said it is just too big, I cannot make a difference.  This lady emailed me and asked what she could do.


My response was the same to her as it was to the man who thought he would give me some of my own medicine and asked me what I was doing to change the world.  Rather than looking at the big picture and walking away we have to make the problem more manageable.



We change the world by doing the little things.  It is not only big moments that really change the world—it is small moments that make a difference.  If we believe in karma, and many of us do even if we will not admit it, then making a difference in one life changes the karma of the world in a positive way.


If our belief system is beyond karma, grace, then we must believe in bringing grace wherever we are.  How do we do that?  We do that by doing the small things that are before us.  We do that by beginning to change our world, one bite at a time.


I am not called to change the world in and of itself.  I am called to live in such a way that my life changes the world of those around me.  A selfless life, something that our founding fathers and other forefathers understood, has become a mystery to this generation.  Everything we see and ultimately do is about me.  How can I make more money?  How can I be happy?  Why do I have problems?


We also change the world by changing ourselves.  When we learn to live a selfless life, like the life that was really lived by Jesus, then we will see the world changed.  The only part of the world I am responsible for is the part of the world that is right in front of me.  I am not responsible for peace in the Middle East—I know that is a relief to some of us.


I need to learn to change only that which I can change.  Not only that, I need to learn to be satisfied with my role in life.


In response to the question, what am I doing to change the world, I must say, some days I am doing a lot and some days I am not doing anything.  I succeed, I fail, but the key is only if I am trying.


We can make a difference, even if it is only in that little old lady beside us trying to get up her nerve to cross the street.


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