Coming Storms In Germany

            I do a lot of religious liberties work in Europe.  It is not by choice as much as that is where the cases are.  Last year I was out of the country six times, five of those times found me in Germany for some matter or another related to my work.  When I stopped and saw the numbers I had to ask myself why this was so.


            The answer was reinforced recently when I met with a businessman who was born in Germany but lives in America.  He spends a lot of time in Germany, in fact, more than me.  As we were talking he told me that he believes that Germany is the heart of the European Union. 


            There is no doubt that this is true on an economic level.  It is also true on a political level.  I think it is also true on a spiritual level.  Germany is the home of the Reformation.  The Germany culture has given us great music and great religion.  The German culture has given us great engineering.  They have shown us how to rebuild a thriving economic from the ashes of economic and social ruin.


            I believe Germany is the epicenter for the transformation of Europe on a spiritual level.  We will see success in Europe only when we see a new Reformation in Germany.  This means that Germany is possibly the most important country in the world as far as Christians are concerned.


            There are a lot of reasons to believe that.  There are also a lot of reasons why you would not believe that.


            I believe that one of the reasons we are experiencing such legal battles on religious liberties issues in Germany is because Germany is so important on this front.  If we lose Germany we will likely lose the rest of the European Union. 


            On a political level, if we are not careful Germany will start to look east for the first time since before the Second World War.  Germany is under pressure to align with Russia.  We must be careful not to give Germany a reason to do so.


            Over the years there have been a variety of cases involving human rights and religious liberties in Germany.  These cases have involved the government improperly revoking the tax-exempt status of an independent church, pastors being accused of tax evasion (the charges were later dropped after they were rigorously defended), home school families who have been persecuted on a variety of levels, and even people charged with criminal charges for expressing their religious beliefs in public places.  These cases are but a precursory to what is coming to Germany.


            In the 90s the German Parliament created a secret committee called the Commission of Inquiry.  This Commission was charged with investigating religious organizations and, without giving them the courtesy of defending themselves, this Commission created a secret list of “dangerous sects” that was never released publicly, yet, everyone knew who was on the list.  This list led to problems for a number of legitimate religious organizations.


            Good and bad, Germany tends to lead the European Union, and thus much of the world.


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