A Conspiracy Of Sin


I have spent a lot of time over the years with people who have a great belief in the power of conspiracies.  Now, I am the first to admit that conspiracies are sexy.  We want to believe that some small group of really smart people is manipulating the world to its own end—some times it might be a good end and some times it might be a bad end.  It makes for great movies.  It keeps us wondering what really went on in the Kennedy assassination.  Without conspiracy theories the Internet would have less traffic, email chains would begin to dry up.


In the spiritual world the same thing happens.  We find ourselves wanting to believe that the Free Masons are behind a conspiracy that is manipulating the world toward evil.  We hear that the Catholic Church is part of the conspiracy of the Free Masons.  It is exciting.  There is a certain enticement when we look at these hidden agendas.


Recently a friend of mine, a lawyer in South Georgia, asked me who I thought was driving some of the changes going on around the world.  Is there a group that is trying to change our culture by pushing an agenda for same-sex marriage, for example?


I told Tom what I often tell people.  I know a lot of really smart people.  And I do not know anyone smart enough (apologies to my friends, I really do think you are smart) to hold together a vast conspiracy over decades—and keep it secret.  Even less I do not know anyone smart enough to organize and hold together a vast conspiracy that expands over centuries—especially if they have to keep it secret. 


There is one vast international conspiracy that is going forward and has been since the beginning of recorded time on earth.  It is a conspiracy of sin.  According to our belief as Christians there is a spiritual war that is going on.  It is a war between God and Satan.  It is a war that is being waged for the souls of men and women around the world.  It is a war where the winner takes all.


This is the only conspiracy I believe in.  It is real, but it is not made within the organizations of man.  It is a conspiracy that some times uses the organizations of man to further its own end.


This is probably not the best news for us.  It would be better for us if there was some super secret group controlling and manipulating everything.  Then we could find a way to stop it.


The only way to stop this conspiracy is the one way we seem so resistant to—we have to give ourselves completely to God through Jesus and join the spiritual war against sin.


A war that painfully begins inside me—and you.


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