Europe In Crisis

Morally adrift, Europe is waiting for someone, or something to come and take her.  Unfortunately for those of us who come from a Christian worldview, there are many ready to step up and redirect Europe.  Brussels is applying pressure throughout the European Union to accept modern views of tolerance and secularized views on matters that were once considered religious views.


Using its economic power the European Union is setting the tone for the entire continent.  The EU is demanding tolerance for everything except Christianity.  All things homosexual are being protected.  An example, when the Pride Parade hit the pedestrian areas of Oslo, Norway the only voices that were not allowed on the streets was the voice of one lone Christian preacher.  Petar Keseljevic was arrested for refusing to go away when he was preaching along the parade route about thirty minutes before the parade.


Petar’s case is now awaiting a decision by the European Court of Human Rights.  The International Human Rights Group has applied for the court to hear the case after it was lost at all levels in Norway.


In Germany there is great tolerance for those of the Islamic faith.  There is very little tolerance for all things Christian that are not part of the state church system.  The German government has, in the past, labeled many new religious groups—groups that are not within the narrow mainstream of the state church system—as cults or dangerous sects.  These groups, once labeled, are then discriminated against by the public and government officials.


Home school is illegal in Germany, primarily because a majority of home school families are Christian in their worldview.  Though it is not said out loud, Christianity is considered an antiquated religion that is for backwards bigots.  After all, the Church does not believe in modern science, she does not believe in tolerance for all worldviews.  Weren’t the Crusades started by Christians?  If that is true, then Christianity must be irrelevant.


The French have a law that makes it illegal to present religious views to weak people if the attempt is made to convert the person who is considered weak by the law.  You can end up in jail for violating the law.


Who are weak people?  Weak people include the elderly, the young (anyone not of majority age), handicapped people, and pregnant women.


Just handing literature to one of these people causes you to violate the law.


We have to begin bringing a resurgence of Christian faith to Europe.  It is critical to the future of western civilization.


Or we can simply let the trends continue and write Europe off as a lost Continent.


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