China Anyone?

The past days have shown us just what freedom looks like behind the Bamboo Curtain.  As the Olympic Torch has fought its way around the world we have watched the Chinese refuse to act intelligently.  Like the Catholic Church ignoring pedophile priest, the Chinese seem to think that they can control the public media around the world the way they control the media within their own country.  It is funny how old men often fail to believe that the changes in communication they hear about are real.


Okay, so some people want to protest your harsh approach to freedom—an approach which in generations past was known as slavery.  In our more enlightened world we have to show tolerance so we call it economic freedom and we give out most favored nation trade status.


One thing we should be learning is that freedom cannot exist in a place that dedicates itself to repressing all forms of freedom known to man.  For decades China has hidden behind her borders. 


Now, with the Olympic Games in Beijing, we get the chance to look behind the Bamboo Curtain.  The first peek we have been given by the Torch Relay is that what lies behind the Curtain is worse than we had imagined.


Missionaries are being deported.  Local Christians are being imprisoned, put into slave labor, and in some instance threatened with death.  Pogroms continue.


Unfortunately for those who suffer, Chinese products are a lot cheaper than anyone else’s, so we are willing to overlook a few problems for the sake of a cheaper life of luxury.


The only question left is whether we will do anything with the knowledge we are gaining with our look into China or merely continue on our merry way—living our blessed lives without a care.


My guess is that we will continue on our merry way.  After all, tomorrow there will probably be a car chase on the television and that should be enough to distract us.


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