Thank You, George Clooney

The recent events with the Olympic Torch Relay have raised an interesting question.  Why is it that Hollywood is protesting the poor human rights record of China?  Why has the Church ignored the torture and imprisonment of fellow Christians in China, but those who do not have faith in God’s justice are concerned enough to use their voice to protect those less fortunate?  Why have we ignored the plight of the citizens of Darfur?


Instead of men and women of faith leading the charge we have George Clooney as the spokesman for the tragedy that is Darfur.  Let me make sure you understand where I am coming from; I think it is great that a man like George Clooney is using his star power to bring justice to an area of the world that has seen very little justice.  He has risked his reputation; he has put everything on the line because he believes in human rights.  He believes in standing up for the downtrodden and that is admirable.  I also know that there are Christians and Christian organizations that are working to bring justice to areas like Darfur and in Darfur.


My question is why is it that a man who, to my knowledge, does not profess to be a Christian lead where Christians are not willing to lead?  Why are those of us with influence within the Christian community using our influence to build our own kingdoms, instead of really building His?


The world is doing what the Church will not.  I applaud the work George Clooney is doing.  More of us need to listen to him and demand justice.  In the future, we need to be taking the lead.  The Church that believes in the compassion of Jesus Christ should be taking the lead instead of watching the world do our job.


Thank you, George; you are a better Christian than some of us!


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