Viewing Man With God’s Vision

God believes in man.  He created us in His image.  At Babel He recognized that we could do anything we put our minds to.  This is the way God looks at man.  No other religion looks at man this way.  Most religions have God separated from man with a gap that cannot be breached.  Christianity, however, has God bridging the gap and reaching out to man.  The Christian does not have separation from God.  He sees God as a person with whom He can fellowship.  Man is the ultimate created being.  He is the greatest work of God—there is no higher thing that can be created.  Instead we see human life as the final creation of God that should be respected above all the rest of creation.

We must learn to honor man the way God honors man.  God honors us in that He has given everything to redeem us.  God held nothing back.  He gave all He had to give to every man!  There is nothing God will not do to reach man.  He is visiting Muslims in their dreams—explaining who Jesus is so that men and women are converting without ever hearing the Gospel except that Jesus has visited their dreams.  Jesus has visited people in their homes and brought them to Himself.  He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to know Him.  That is how much God loves man—you and me.

If God loves man this much, how much should we love man?  Instead of judging man we should love man the way God loves man.  God loves man where he is—not reserving His love for those who are good.  God knows that love brings man to repentance.  Love brings deliverance.  Judgment brings judgment.  It causes man to put up walls.  Walls are what separate us from others, from God.  Love suffers no wrong.  It is patient, it is kind, it repays evil with good.  It is love and the joy of salvation that brings man to God.


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