Fighting The Wrong Fight

I am confused at our approach to life and the spiritual battles that make up our lives.  How is it that we expend so much energy demanding that people change their outward lives, but seldom give any time to helping people change their inner man?  One of the examples is the Christian right’s approach to homosexuality.

Now, I must state from the beginning, that I think the Bible is clear that homosexuality is wrong.  It is equally clear that being judgmental is wrong.  It is clear that drunkenness is wrong, adultery is wrong, lust is wrong, covetousness is wrong.  Yet we spend little time fretting that uncontrolled lust will destroy our world.

There is a classic example to support my questions.  To the exclusion of most everything else there are groups, ministries if you will, who have dedicated their professional lives to fighting against homosexuality and its supposed agenda.  While this might well be a worthwhile battle to wage I believe these groups are making a key mistake.

Regardless of their heart in the fight, they are, at the very least, failing to show a heart of compassion.  They are not merely hating the sin; they are for all appearances hating the sinner as well.

Jesus stands alone in history for his lack of judgment toward sinners.  He hung out with sinners to the point of being seen as a sinner or at least a friend to sinners.  He did not lead the Coalition to End Sinners.  Rather, He led the Coalition to Die without Judging That Others Might Find Eternal Life.

Maybe we should follow His lead, instead of supporting the work of men and women who have forgotten to distinguish between the sin and the sinner.

Here is how we approach the fight, thoughtlessly doing whatever raises funding:

 If we battle same-sex marriage in America and even in Europe, but do not battle anything else in Europe, then we are wasting our time.  Perhaps a better way to end same-sex marriage would be to simply wait for the Muslims to finish their conquest.  Then homosexuality will be illegal.  That is basically what we are doing when we do not step up and provide broad religious liberties protections in Europe like we have done in America.

It is a waste of time to fight on one front, because it offends our personal and inner religious sensibilities, while ignoring the real fight that is facing us.  We no longer have time to sit back and enjoy our big houses, big salaries, and big cars. 

Jesus had no place to lay his head.

How is the temperature in your backyard swimming pool?


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