The Trouble With Normal, Part Two

A further example of the dumbing down of society is found in looking at the way people talk in public.  There was a time when we did not curse in front of women and children.  Maybe it was just some weird southern thing; maybe I grew up in a time warp.  Regardless, I can remember the first time I heard my grandfather cruse.  He lowered his voice, looked over his shoulder to make sure my grandmother was not close enough to hear him, and then he cursed; nothing big but it was not appropriate for women and children.  I knew that I had become a man.

Now, we go to the store, it might be in Target, it might be in the grocery store, but not only do we not believe in keeping profanity away from women and children, it is the woman and children who are using the profanity in public.

What happened to the idea that there was language that was appropriate in public and language that was inappropriate in public? 

Then there is the deterioration of what is appropriate dress for public.  There was a time when women and men understood what it meant to dress in a non-provocative manner.  That is no longer true.  We no longer have to look to the likes of Playboy to generate our lustful thoughts.  We only have to go out in public and look at how women and men are dressing.

I think I miss the old days.


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