Christian Foundation?

I hang out with a lot of people who insist that we were founded by Christians and are therefore a Christian nation.  They have written books, they preach sermons, and they even insist that we have to go back to recognizing that we are a Christian nation to solve all of our problems.

While we may well have been founded by a group of men, largely Christian, that does not mean that we were founded as a Christian nation.  I think it is accurate to say that we are a nation founded by men who were strongly influenced by the Christian thinking that made up western culture during the Age of Enlightenment.

Unfortunately for us, the Age of Enlightenment has used the past two hundred plus years to destroy the Christian foundation of western culture.  America is the last foundation to erode to the point of not being recognizable.  To our credit we are dying with some resistance—maybe even a little dignity.

We have built up organizations that survive by fighting the “culture wars” to save America from itself.  What we probably need is a good old fashion intervention.  Maybe then we could convince the patient that the course we are on right now is not a course set on a Christian foundation.

Perhaps it is time we admit that whatever Christian foundation we had is now destroyed by our culture and we are living in the first days of post-Christian America.

The evangelism that reaches a post-Christian world is different from the evangelism that reaches out to a Christian world.  We must become culturally relevant without compromising the core tenants of the Christian faith.

It is going to take more than name calling and declarations that we were founded by Christians.  It is going to take more than enforcing a more and more outdated constitution.  It is going to take bringing Jesus to this generation—a savior for Everyman, even the post-Christian American.


1 Response to “Christian Foundation?”

  1. 1 Eric Dye 7 February 2008 at 8:19 pm

    Indeed, what does our foundation matter? As if Michael Newdow is going to say, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know America was founded by Christians! My bad! As you were …”

    Reach the lost.

    Where we are going is more important then where we’ve been.

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