Europe in the Balance, Part One

            The Christian base of western civilization began in Europe.  It is fitting that the end of the Christian base should be in Europe as well.  Long before the Reformation, Christianity spread its influence into northern and western Europe.  This influence has been so strong that it changes men—even men who never came to the place where they convert to Christianity.  They fell under the influence and structured government and community based on the teaching of a faith they did not publicly or privately embrace.

            This is part of what continues to tie the United States and Europe together. We are different cultures bound together by a common foundation.  The foundation of any creation determines what that creation will look like.  Whether it is DNA or a concrete foundation, the creation will reflect perfectly the foundation.  You cannot build a building that does not have the shape of the foundation.  We can do a variety of creative things above the foundation, but ultimately the building is limited and determined by its foundation.

            The only way to change the DNA or foundation is to destroy the foundation and being again.  That is the only way to change western society—the Christian foundation, often so ancient it must be excavated, must be destroyed and a new foundation built.  That is where we are at this time in world history.  We are witnessing a battle to destroy the foundations of our western society.  In America there continues to be an all out assault on Christianity.  It is no coincidence that the secular, pagan battle is only against Christianity. It is not religion that is the problem, from a secular viewpoint it is the life changing message of Christianity.  The same battle is even more advanced in Europe.  For centuries the European battle was to destroy the buildings of the Church, thus creating a museum attitude toward everything Christian.  This did not destroy the foundation but weakened the faith.  Mistakenly believing that they could leave the foundations as a testament to what once was, but no longer is, they left the foundations.  The seeds of revival blow through every now and then and the foundations were cleared ever so slightly—but the foundations remained.  Learning from their mistakes there is now a battle to destroy the foundations.  This is the battle to destroy the family, destroy the foundations of education, destroy the sanctity of life; all of these battles are part of the overriding plan to destroy the foundations of Christianity throughout the western world.

            The first force to fear in this battle is a new one for most of us.  For decades we knew that Muslims existed.  We knew they believed in Mohammed and we knew they controlled most of the oil in the Middle East.  What we did not know was that they seemed to be anti-American to the core.  We are not talking about just the fringe like we saw in 1979 in Iran, but suddenly Islam is not wiling to share the stage with anyone—especially Christians.  Countries where the rule of law is Islamic based are imprisoning Christians by the hundreds, they are forcing employers to fire Christians, and they are killing Christians for the crime of professing their religious beliefs in public.  All of these matters are completely unacceptable in the modern world.

            While all this is going on they are calling for us all to live together.  Does it strike you as funny that we are giving Muslims the same freedoms every religion shares in this country?  The only place we seem to have problems getting along is in the Muslim countries.  And why is that you might ask—simply because Muslims refuse to grant us the freedoms they are demanding in our country.

            It is a crime in a Muslim law country to convert from Islam to any other religion.  Muslims who convert to Christianity are given a death sentence.  They are considered to be infidels that are deserving of death.  Hardly the world of peace and toleration we are told to extend.

            Let’s move forward about one or two decades and see what the outcome will be when Europe is an Islamic Republic.  To many this might seem a far-fetched idea, but the rate of population increase of Muslims in Europe is astounding.  At the present rate, they may well be strong enough voting block to come to power as the lead of a coalition in most Western European countries in around a decade, maybe two decades on the outside.  This means that suddenly Europe would be controlled by Islamic law.  This means that Christianity would be illegal.  If Christianity is illegal the moral face of Christianity will fade rapidly.  It will be replaced by Muslim moral codes, including multiple marriages for men.  Capital punishment for criminals, including having a hand cut off for stealing and being killed for what many would consider minor offenses.

            To make matters worse, we would be hard pressed to cut off our relationship with the Islamic Republic of Europe.  Of course, we can sit here now and declare that we would never stand for something so close to home.  Yet, the facts speak for themselves.  We are allowing all of this to happen right now in countries we have favored trade status with over the single economic issue of oil.  Magnify the economics beyond oil to every basic trade item we purchase and suddenly it is not so hard to imagine that we tolerate the Islamic law for the sake of our cushy lives.  Stranger things have happened over the issue of money and comfort.

            In addition to trade issues, we will also be faced with international law issues in the form of treaties.  It will take great will power for us to abandon Europe simply because it has been transformed into an Islamic Republic.  This alone is one of the great dangers of the current mode of tolerance at all costs.  If nothing is wrong and there are no absolutes then we are foolish to try and establish a moral code for our interactions with other countries.  We will have to honor the treaties that exist between the US and Europe and as a result will be forced to continue to give favored help to our enemies.  Thus, we begin to bring about our own destruction and play a role in the eradication of the United States of America.

            In the alternative, we can cut off the Islamic Republic of Europe completely.  The problem with this approach is that it is not as simple as it seems.  To take such an action has its own set of problems.  For one, our economy is based on international trade.  Economically we cannot afford to go back into our shell.  Isolationism is impossible in a world so intertwined.  Our corporations are now multinational conglomerates.  So an Islamic Europe could well own major portions of American corporations.

            Another problem arises in situations like with Citgo.  Our first response to Chavez’s rants against President Bush is to stop doing business with his oil company—Citgo.  If we free him of his obligations to the United States, however, we enable Chavez to sell Venezuela’s oil to China.  Thus, we further harm ourselves while enriching China.  Not so simple a choice.


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