God’s Immigrants

We are all immigrants.  We share the same blood.  Man comes from Adam to Noah to now. We are all related—that is how God set it up.  Because we are all brothers and sisters we must begin to root all the bigotry that is in us.

There are only two groups of people in the world!  You are either a family member in good standing with the Father or you are a family member not in good standing with the Father.  The key to ending our bigotry is not dwelling on the standing issue.  The key is to dwell on the fact that we are family.

I have a brother and a sister in the natural realm.  They will always be my brother and sister.  Nothing they do, and nothing I do can change that fact.  This does not mean that none of us can do nothing wrong.  It only means that good or bad, right or wrong, we are brothers and sisters.  Nonetheless, there are actions I can take or one of them can take to cause the relationship to not be what it should be.    While we can break the fellowship, we can never destroy the blood relationship.

The same is true with every person on the face of this planet.  The blood we share will always bind us together—even when our beliefs or actions keep us separated.  Our life was breathed by God; therefore we are all special to Him.  No sin is too great to cause God to no longer consider us worthy of redemption.

Family is a bond that cannot be overcome or broken.  Are you gay?  You are still part of the family—you were still created by God.  Are you an alcoholic?  You are still part of the family—you were still created by God.  We all have problems.  We all sin.  Our sin is all bad, that is the definition of sin.

It is not judgment that brings us to correct our relationship with God, it is grace.  Judgment will often drive us away.  Adam and Eve feared judgment and they hid from God.  God brought grace and opened up His arms to receive them.

We must do the same.  After all, the immigrants I do not like are my brothers and my sisters.  Nothing can change that fact.


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